good-bye was never a panacea

but now I am saying that erstwhile

I have become desultory you said

I’ve become restless too, haven’t you noticed?

I know saying good bye isn’t right

but I feel this is right for me!

no matter what, you can’t decide

what’s right for me!

so let me hear the voice that speaks inside,

this goodbye is a Lagniappe for me

because this will show me the real

place I belong to,

Do you remember when we first met?

when things were new for us

when we fell in love with each other?

when we were proud of each other?

do you remember how my life was?

I was living in felicity, sanity,

but time changed everything.

so let’s say goodbye to Dalliance

or a misunderstanding between us

I never had imagined this Life.

but now I have found Serendipity

so lets end this Untoward relationship

so let me fall in love with me again


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