Drug Addiction In Younger Folk: A Grave Social Concern

Drug Addiction In Younger Folk: A Grave Social Concern

Every sensitive soul must be concerned about the growing cult towards drugs on part of younger folk in J&K. And I think it a moral obligation towards my society of which I am a by-product to deliver upon the issue. Although, we are worried about it a lot, but it seems that at the same time we are non serious too. As we have not, till date, taken an imitative to control and prevent it. Despite being mature citizens in the sense that we are aware of the consequences of this curse, but we hesitate to shoulder the responsibility. Instead, we blame each other for it. If we don’t become seriously concerned about it, the time is not far when all our children, both male and female, will fall a victim to it and we shall remain with our eyes open and hands rubbing and the whole nation will be destroyed by this curse. Recently a large module of narcotic dealers was busted by J&K police, when a large quantity of wine, poppy and ganja was recovered from the accused and the culprits were held under law and FIR was lodged against them. Let’s ponder over the matter where would that huge quantity go? It simply indicates that such items have a black market in J&K. And black marketing is aimed at making money in a fast way. Had there been no customers of such things here, there would not have such a great deal. Various social evils like corruption, burglary, gambling, sex scandals seem to have taken our society in a fast grip. There are daily reports of such crimes taking place in every nook and corner of the J&K UT. Despite the hue and cry on part of public the situation has been worsening day by day. Who can be held responsible? Govt./ Public? Or both?
Research conducted on this issue reveals that a well established nexus is working behind the curtains and the objective is only to destroy the nation by means of drug consumption. But the second important issue is psychological imbalance of youngsters due to prevailing turmoil and growing unemployment situation in Kashmir. The mind setup of these youngsters is shattered in the sense that they treat life as boring and nauseating here. As there are total uncertainty, chaos and tension prevailing everywhere. Life insecurity can be cited as one main reason of this menace.
Third reason that can be produced for the sake of argument is that the social setup is responsible to large extent in the sense that we give preference to material achievements and not to intellectual or moral achievements. In present scenario it has become a trend to ask for employment status of the proposed boy/girl when it comes to making matrimonial relations. If a boy is employed and more especially a govt employee ,he is given a red carpet welcome and if he is unemployed or partially employed he is rejected without any regard to his qualification or intellectual capability. The irony of the situation is that employee gives priority to employee and what remains left…the unfortunate unemployed folk. Such a social deprivation can surely lead them to addiction of drugs or ending up their life by suicide or taking any violating step.
What is the reason? The only reason is that we have lost ethical values. Morales have vanished from the scene and we have become a puppet in the hands of materialistic gods. What do they wish us to do they make us do. The moral values like honesty, truthfulness, sincerity and accountability have lost their concurrence. Money has become the godfather of people and the results are before us.
We have lost control over children and we have not educated them as they ought to have been. We give only one lesson to our child that is to earn money this way or that way. In olden times parents and grandparents would tell moral stories to their children. The legends of prophets, saints and national heroes were being sung in the households. While as in today’s family the stories and tales about film actors and villains are narrated to children. They are told to achieve material success. Numerical competition to gain high percentage in their classes and to grab opportunities by hook or crook has made a negatively adverse impact upon the mind setup of younger folk in J&K. And these blooming buds seem to have adopted a wrong way which will ultimately end their life. According to Dr Karan Singh, “youth constitutes the reservoir of a national strength’’ and if this reservoir gets polluted or impure, the whole future generation will be rotten. Consequently our nation will end up very badly and in a disgraceful way. And we shall not be able to show our face to Almighty Allah and his beloved prophet on Dooms Day.


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