Academic studies amid lockdown and ban on High speed internet: a study of the impact of restricted internet and lockdown on student population

Academic studies amid lockdown and ban on High speed internet: a study of the impact of restricted internet and lockdown on student population

“In a student’s struggle with the administration, bet on the administration”, Kafka would have told if he had been facing what we have been facing these days. Ever since the outbreak of Covid 19, much has been written about lockdown affecting students, rehabilitation of their mental sickness and ways to not let The Pandemic effect the studies. However, any degree of immersion in the suffering of children, still doesn’t have any importance and no heed is paid to remove the vector producing the suffering –exams(without knowing the mental stamina of students these days). A psychiatrist reports that sitting idle at home for months together diminishes creativity. It is the same with students, they’re idle. Neither are they able to have any online classes to attend(being on 2G) nor are they left with Netflix to binge on and spending the time playing is not even an option.
As Covid-19 has unified the world in fighting the spread of the deadly infection, virtually, Kashmir still lags behind and is quite outmoded due to the lack of high speed internet services. And it has been more than seven months for students staying at home after the Government of India locked down the region to prevent protests against abrogation of Article 370 in August 2019. This loss could have been compensated by online classes. But here all of us fail to find logic in restricting internet when everything is fine. According to the Software Freedom Law Centre, the internet in Kashmir was blocked at least 180 times from 2012 to 2019.
“We don’t want schooling getting affected but nobody is paying heed to our pleas,” says Var, a private school association Jammu and Kashmir’s president, who has highlighted the issue with authorities to no avail.
In order to strengthen student’s resilience during periods of heightened insecurity, teachers and institutions must identify the difficulties that the students experience. According to the recent survey, the reviews are “Better shall I have few backlogs than to die of the mental retardation I’ve been experiencing so far”, says a student girl, a first year student. Further talking to few students we had answers like I have not been in touch with books since August 2019 and you better know why, which changed my life, and I, day by day am degrading to what I’m now, said a student of the same year. “They’ve had us promoted (virtually) into next semesters but are telling us to prepare for the previous ones and have them the assignments of the present semester handed in, which is so mind curbing and confusing of course”, he added.
Although this study is based on students in a particular college but it opens up a broader discussion of the impact of violence the entire administration has to face when student union as a whole will start protesting.
I’m writing this piece for a public domain because neither do I want to be called as a Gossip Monger, nor do I want to be in the bad books of my teachers. I’m a simple student like others and don’t have much of an influence therefore I wouldn’t want to risk losing my “student part” by expressing myself honestly. So I request all of the students to give me moral support in making the administration understand. I reside from an area quite backward where we’re not aware of the daily happenings due to barred internet services and where the frequency of anti-national activities is at its heights. I’ve to, every single day call my mates for what is to be commenced in the class that day. Although I’m speaking on behalf of all of the students that I know somehow are facing the same, this is a little; yet a lot I’ve to say about how I live.

Yours truly
not-so-sincere student.


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