Defence Minister Raj Nath Singh Should Know Untruth Will Not Work in Kashmir: Soz

Defence Minister Raj Nath Singh Should Know Untruth Will Not Work in Kashmir: Soz


Srinagar OCT 06 : “It is so tragic that Defence Minister thinks that untruth spoken at a high level could stick, at least, for the gullible! His latest statement that things had improved in Kashmir since abrogation of Article 370 is nothing but a white lie” said Professor Saifuddin Soz in a statement to CNS.

He added that He did not choose to say the truth on what prevails in Kashmir. As a senior Minister in the Modi Govt., his plain speaking on Kashmir could turn a leaf for the Centre not to grope anymore!
The fact of the Kashmir situation is that the conditions have fast deteriorated since Abrogation of Article 370.

“Kashmiris have successfully demonstrated their anger through strike, closure of Markets, shopping Malls and all enterprises. When politicians in high positions take recourse to untenable untruth, the credible Media Centres within and outside India respond to the need of placing facts on record.” He exclaimed.

Otherwise, Govt. of India has already realized the folly of Abrogation of Article 370 of the Constitution of India as it has weakened the constitutional relationship of the state with the Union.

The Defence Minister and other leaders in the BJP would be well-advised not to repeat Goebel of Nazi Germany to say untruth and try to make it appear as truth. Such an effort is always futile.

The Defence Minister would do well to release all political detenues in Kashmir including Mehbooba Mufti and allow the much needed political process to pick up, in the right direction. That would be something meaningful for the Govt. of India to attempt.”


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