‘Belief’, A Book Authored By A Tral Girl For Depressed People

‘Belief’, A Book Authored By A Tral Girl For Depressed People

Mohammad Mufeez

Nayir Iqbal, a BUMS student from Tral area of Pulwama district, in an initiative to help Depressed people has written a book, titled as ‘Belief’.
‘Belief’ is a poetry collection, which according to the writer will “help the youth to come out from the depression.”
Nayir Iqbal said that depression is common in the youth now days, affecting not only their health but education as well.
The budding Poet had written a Ghazal for a friend who was suffering from depression and her Ghazal had helped the friend to recuperate to some extent. “On seeing the effect my Ghazal had on my friend I decided that I should write more to help more people in combating with depression,” Nayir Iqbal told The Kashmiriyat.
Nayir Iqbal is also a calligraphist. Her work is getting alot of praise on social media.
It’s pertinent to mention here that more than 12 young writers from Tral have authored books in different languages in last few years, however, they have not received any support by the government.


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