Illegal and undue promotions responsible to make a mess of the city

Illegal and undue promotions responsible to make a mess of the city

Dozens of juniors elevated to senior positions without seeking the approval of the council

  • Jalil Rathore

Srinagar: In yet another shocker regarding heavy nepotism coming to fore, Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has broken all the records of irregularities.
Not only have been blue-eyed employees, retained at a place for decades, without transfer as per the service rules, but several junior and undeserving officials have been promoted to key positions, taking advantage of the Covid-19 situation.
Sources told news gathering agency Kashmir Dot Com (KDC) that service rules have been thrown to dustbin, to benefit some employees to enjoy their posting at places of their choice for years, without being transferred, for reasons better known to the higher-ups in the Corporation.
On the other hand, several junior and undeserving officials have illegally been promoted to higher posts, during the last six to eight months of Covid-19 uncertainty, only to leave senior officers, guessing about the reason for being sidelined and left behind, despite deserving the promotions due to them under rules.
Sources revealed that at least 24 officials, who were posted as sanitation inspectors or Building Inspectors, were illegally promoted to the post of Ward Officers, out of turn and seniors, who were due for promotions were sidelined.
“This was done under a systematic and planned manner, during the post abrogation of Article 370 and Covid-19 lockdown periods, in order to avoid any hue and cry,” they said adding that to accommodate the maximum number of illegal official list, delimitation of wards was done to increase the number of wards in Srinagar.
“Astonishingly, not only were rules overlooked but even the mandatory approval for promotions was not sought from the council” they added.
A senior official of the Corporation, who deserves a promotion under rules and has been sidelined told on the condition of anonymity that this large scale promotion scam was done against huge bribe by former mayor and the commissioner Srinagar Municipality, which has given rise to loot and plunder.
“Yesterday’s small-timers have become rich overnight and have raised a fortune in the shape of unaccounted properties and cash balance,” he said.
Highly placed sources in the Corporation made a shocking revelation about the present Secretary SMC, who was elevated to the post without qualifying for it and despite being under investigation on corruption charges and without seeking approval from the council”.
“He was superseded over a senior officer, who was actually deserving the post according to his seniority and service rules,” sources added.
The high-scale irregularities within the corporation has not only dented the work culture inside the corporation but has resulted in a mess of the city.
Commissioner SMC Gazanfar Ali was not available for a comment as his secretary said that he was busy in a meeting. (KDC)


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