Women – You Are Note Worth Of This!

Women – You Are Note Worth Of This!

Why all this happens?
All this sexual harassment, marital rapes, domestic violence, eve teasing, molestations.
Why with us?
Why is a women subjected to such compromising humiliations?
Why do I get eve teased and molested by any damn MEN on daily basis. Even inside court rooms where the law is been obeyed and applied. Yes! I’m a lawyer, and still it happens to me even with highly strict attitude. Men – they make you naked when they see you. Even if you are wearing a proper and decent dress. I know after reading ‘proper dress and all’ you might be thinking the dress would be not that much appropriate so any damn men molests me. And now if I say you I have been molested in full Abyaa and Burkhawearing, you would not believe or some may rely. But still question remains here, why this happens? I guess 2 years back I was walking from a lane to reach home, the lane was empty with no shops and no people around, I just saw a boy walking on the opposite side, he looked very suspicious. When I crossed another lane, he came from my back and just touched my arm that was so grimy, it was the moment I couldn’t react and I screamed in a shock he ran away within no time. Then when I searched about that guy I came to know it has happened with many girls from the same side. The boy who I called a molester now has made his own timing and day to molest girls from the same side. When I thought to file a complaint, one of my friend gave me the information that the boy is involved in drugs, really sorry I forgot ‘The Molestor’, there has been done a number of complaints to the police and some heads of the area. Police has been helping him, through all this while. The Molestorstill roams through the area, I recognise him butI’mhelpless to do anything. After that day when he molested me I tried to trap him, but it went all in vain. Then again one day I was walking from the same area and he stopped in front of me but I paced myself to the safe spot with my knife , yes I carry a knife from that day because after all possibilities I couldn’t find any other option . If it happens again to me. At leastI’m going to retaliate with my knife. Here in Kashmir no woman dares to talk about the harassment which they go through on daily basis ,if I go for evening walk, boys stare meh, some of them passes flying kisses, and some follows in a car. I just want to know how they dare to do that, how their conscience allow them to fly a kiss to a strange girl? How can they follow like hungry animals, sorry I cannot compare these kinds of men with dogs, as every woman does! When they get molested they say [khabarkushoeenouspataymai, trathasespeymich ] some dog was following me, etc. If a women is reading this then ‘woman you are not equal to men , you are far superior to them’ please don’t be silent on what you go through, whether it is eve-teasing, molestation, sexual harassment, domestic violence, or marital rape. Please speak, don’t only speak but stop men to do that to you.
You are not worth of that! PERIOD!
I know it’s getting really long but with writing all this, many incidents are coming in my mind which happened with me. I would share this incident on speaking and stopping.I forget sometimes as we all do so i really don’t know it wasabout 3 or 2 years back when I was traveling to my campus in the local bus. There was a guy who was giving me deceitful stare from Batamaloo to Sanat Nagar Chowk, I noticed many times but then I thought maybeit’s just me who is taking it all wrong and the guy isn’t staring atme, but then I realised within my soul that I cannot be this much wrong! So I asked him whether there was something on my face so he was staring at me for so long, he was caught and he sweetly gave me gestures of being a nice and innocent gentlemen, apparently which he was not, some passengers on the bus supported him but, you know what was the big thing for me , it was that I didn’t remained silent that moment which gave meh satisfaction and no time to think and regret later. Like ‘oh! no I should have said him not to stare at me and all the stuff, I didn’t care about the other people if they were staring meother wisely and gave me such unpleasant looks. I gave a damn to them and called my friend and said him the whole story in front of them[loudly]. Then the guy de-boarded the bus on next stop and I was still on the bus. So please women raise your voice it really matters and means to the society.
Women I know men give you dirty looks, shows you obsceneactions in public, touches you, spoil the society by harassing you, just think if they can do this much in the public. So think woman if it all happens to you when you are being a victim of thesefilthy incidents so how much courage should you get to raise the voice against and how loudly you have to scream, don’t forget to scream women. Don’t have fear of anything.

Think Woman, Speak Up, Stop This!:….


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