Moulana Syed Abul Aala Moududi (R.A) – A prolific writer and speaker

Moulana Syed Abul Aala Moududi (R.A) – A prolific writer and speaker

Moulana Maududi(R.A) was born in 1904 C E. Moulana started his public career as early as 1918.He wrote and spoke as editor scholar religious thinker and leader of a movement authoring over a hundred works of various sizes and delivering more than a thousand speeches. His death in September 1979 marks the end of an era. He made his debut in the intellectual life of the indo Pak subcontinent in 1927 at the early age of 24 and created a stir by his voluminous scholarly work Al Jihalfil Islam (Jihad in Islam) first serialized in a newspaper and subsequently published in the form of a book in 1930. From the early 30’s he was a major dominating undaunted figure on the intellectual scene of the Indo-Pak subcontinent. Since the 40’s when Moulana’s writing began to be available in translated versions especially in Arabic and English his ideas have attracted an increasing number of people far beyond the confines of the subcontinent. It’s no exaggeration to say that by the time of his death he had become the most widely read Muslim author of our time contributing immensely to the contemporary resurgence of Islamic ideas feeling and activity all over the world. He consciously tried to live Islam and to live for Islam. Maulana Maududi was emphatic in asserting that Islam is not merely a body of metaphysical doctrines nor merely a bundle of rituals nor even merely a set of rules of individual conduct.
A Muslim is committed to follow Islam to bear witness to it by word and deed and to strive in order to make it prevail in the world. Hence in addition to his intellectual contribution in 1941 he founded a movement known as the Jammat e Islami (Islamic Organization). He led this movement as its chief from its inception till 1972. Even after getting himself relieved of the duties of its formal headship for reasons of health he continued to be a major source of guidance and inspiration for those associated with the Jammat and indeed for a very large number of men and women across the globe who do not have any affiliation to that organization. More and more people particularly Muslims of the younger generation are coming to appreciate Maududi and even identify with the vision of Islam that ge articulated so lucidly and incisively. Moulana Maududi was no mere academician he was also a man of action engaged in a grim struggle for the implementation of islam. During this struggle the many sterling qualities of his character cane to the surface notably his magnanimity and tolerance. In 1948 moulana often had to suffer persecution at the hands of the men of authority in Pakistan who failed to perceive the real motives and true character of this movement. Many a time he had to court imprisonment not unlike some of great hereos of Islam Abu Hanifah Ahmad ibniHanbal Ibnitayimah and syedqutub. In 1953 he narrowly escaped the gallows and in 1963 the bullets of an assassin. In braving persecution for the sake of his cause maulana Maududi displayed a serene dignity and heroic fearlessness which won him the abiding love and respect of friends and foes alike. Maulana Maududi remained prolific writer and his writing remained impressive not only qualitatively but also quantitatively. He also wrote the translation of the Quran as ‘Tafsir’ which is an epitome of his elegant literary style his erudition and the clarity and brilliance of his thought. One of the major characteristics of Maulana was his ability to bring out the relevance of Islam to the problems and concerns of man in the present age. He wanted the Muslims to appropriate creatively the healthy and beneficial elements from the cumulative treasure of human experience and to employ them to serve the higher ends of life embodied in the Islamic tradition. It’s this aspect of Maulana which has attracted many but at the same time repelled many others particularly the Ultraconservative and the ultra-westernized elements in Muslim society.


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