Don’t Lose Hope Believe Yourself Be With Full Confidence

Don’t Lose Hope Believe Yourself Be With Full Confidence


I want to communicate what i have understood through my life as i have been witnessing the situations and present circumstances beyond the mind and life.To be a successfull you have surely to go through that you may had not been expected ever: I mean to say Failure! .The things observations regarding the behind successful person, we should recognize and judge how he /she becomes so successful we have to go into deep for that and ascertain the facts how it is possible and I am saying that you will surely find Failure which has made success by through that way that is full of experienced,counselling and troubled. We must remember it that everyone does believe in Desires,aims and goals which has to be committed any how.
I would love to elaborate my own experiences how i have been surviving since i completed my middle section of school journey. Very excited to remind that my family had been expected a very good and intellectually from me but the way they were expecting was totally out of idea and comprehension. My family were craving for highest marks they believed getting highest marks is the only reason to be an intellectual but I always argued them about this as i never believe in marks. Marks doesn’t make one intellectually well and strong i have been saying always above qoute.But very unfortunate see how students are quarreling each other on the argument of Marks in mean time We must call Marksmanship. Will try to understand you people how i felt and observed the experience when my 10th result got declared.In a society it was like a slap for me and for my family but I was not concerning about that rather in making what I have to do further,was totally nonplussed about colleagues what they were doing they started fighting each other over marks fever it was such prodigious act .Eventually after reaching home as family and especially mom had known my result : when i entered into kitchen everyone was looking sad and disappointed as usual i smiled and said ; is everything ok ? In angry mood Mom said : yes yes yes as you have done.Beside other members of family didn’t talk to me that time ,after all I managed to escape from kitchen went to my room and was waiting when mom would came to normal so i could explain her.Not the dinner nor I slept that night was totally laughing about it why in society and my family giving fame and big stage to those who achieved highest percentage. Eventually early morning I tried to meet mom she was saying same that everything and your ability is known now you are nothing and finally I asked back to her Mom! Could you please listen me she again said : No NoNo.. Yet i got no chance to tell my argument what really this marks trend is.After all after taking my admission class 11th as everyone was disappointed. During that time i wrote an article about this Marksmanship that why this intellectualism fame has been given to those who achieve highest percentages. Later the article was published in many dailies finally at the end of day I was receiving calls messages from friends, relatives, closest people,were greeting and praising for more power to you. That day when mom heard it all .Suddenly someone at at night knocked my door I felt pretty happy and guessed surely this would be mom when i opened the door : Mom ; Wailing eyes she hugged me tightly and was weeping telling : “Oh my dear my love my everything you are you will be “While my arms and legs were trembling by Happiness.And while sitting I explained her Mom do hear : Topping any exam doesn’t make one intellectually well and strong ,there is beyond comprehension and essence behind education its not about this Marksmanship after all she left told to do sleep we will discuss it tomorrow . By the way that night is still and will remain unforgettable for me.
Hope this story would give you comprehension and essence how to behave with your wards while result getting declared and other decisions of Life .One most important thing for everyone of us that is Hope never ever lost By Hope everything is possible .If you want to do something in your life you have to be full Of Hope Never lose a hope as our islam teaches us too ,here I have brought a hadith;
Allah created mercy in one hundred parts and sent down to earth only one part. Because ofthis one part, there is mutual love amongst creation, so much so that an animal will lift up its hoof from its young one, fearing that it might harm it. Allah has reserved the remaining ninety-nine parts of this mercy to favor His believing servants on the Day of Judgment.
Saying of Prophet Muhammad as recorded in Bukhari and Muslim, Book O37, Hadith 6631.
This hadith is a source of great hope in that Allah has reserved 99 out of 100 parts of mercy for the Day of Judgment. Now reflect on this: only one part of this 100 is divided among all living creatures on earth, including every single human being. Whatever mercy there is on earth, 99 times of that is with Allah. We cannot even fathom how merciful God is.
At last I would convey it to everyone never ever lose hope! Believe yourself by choice not by chance Be full with confidence and power dont waste your precious time in bad activities. Take decisions related your future by own in regard to your studies,rather than chance.


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