Few officers drawing sadistic pleasure from peoples’ sufferings: Apni Party

Few officers drawing sadistic pleasure from peoples’ sufferings: Apni Party

Zaffar Manhas demands withdrawal of ‘anti-people’ order on Mughal Road

SRINAGAR: Apni Party vice president Zaffar Iqbal Manhas on Thursday ridiculed the government’s conditional order on partial reopening of Mughal Road for the general public.
In a statement issued here, Manhas sought personal intervention of Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha and the chief secretary for revocation of this anti people order. “It seems that there are some officers in J&K administration who are hell-bent on drawing sadistic pleasure from inflicting more miseries on the people,” Manhas remarked.
He said the conditional order issued by district administration on partial reopening of the Mughal Road in which the commuters have been asked to approach divisional commissioner’s office before taking to Mughal Road for travel is one such example which reflects the sadistic mindset of anti people elements in J&K administration.
“An illogical order has come at a time when the Mughal Road will remain opened for just two months before its closure for at least six months in the winter. This official diktat has added insult to injury by putting a condition on common passengers who are supposed to seek permission from their respective Divisional Commissioners before embarking on travel via Mughal Road,” Manhas said.
Questioning the logic behind this administrative order, Apni Party vice president has said that it is beyond one’s comprehension that how a hapless passenger desirous to travel from Shopian to Surankot or Poonch or vice versa will first visit Srinagar and run from one office to other for the prerequisite permission letter and then he or she will start a formal journey on Mughal Road.
“Similarly, a traveler wanting to travel from Poonch to Shopian or Srinagar will have to first visit Jammu and obtain permission for the journey! This is absolutely bizarre. This order is bereft of any logic and reflects non application of mind,” Manhas added
He said that the order in question indicates that there are some elements within the J&K administration who put people to unnecessary hardships and inconveniences in order to satiate their unfounded ego by taking such anti-people decisions.
Appealing the Lt, Governor Manoj Sinha and Chief Secretary to personally intervene and get this anti-people order withdrawn, Manhas said they should take notice of the disappointment and resentment among the people caused due to this authoritarian order.
He suggested that for any reason, if travel permission is necessary for the passengers before embarking on Mughal Road, the powers should be conferred upon Tehsildars to issue such permissions without any delay so that the people are not made to suffer because of procedural wrangling.


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