Lal Bazar premier 16-teams knockout football tournament

Lal Bazar premier 16-teams knockout football tournament


Srinagar: The first match of the lal bazar premier tournament was played between Ottomans FC and Burry FC at Shaheed Millat ground, Lal bazar on Monday, 21st September. The match was ended as 2-0 where Ottomans FC faced blind alley and Burry FC took the winning home. The first goal was one of the best goals in Burry FC’s shirt where karun beats the defenders from close range and swept the ball in the plenty area and Mustafa gracefully launched a goal-winning missile. Karun scored second goal for Burry FC and added feather in the cap. Karun’s tremendous hustle, his skills and shooting kicks were the stuff of the legend by which he won the title of Man of the Match
Mr. Salim Kaloo, “The outbreak of the pandemic has disturbed the people as whole, more of youngsters. We came up with this tournament to showcase the skills and talent of the players to boost their morale which was burked due to pandemic. He further added, “Tournaments as such will provide the opportunity to the deserving players to get identified and they may get chances to play professionally in the near future”
Mr. Hilal Ahmad, Co-manager and player of Lal bazaar football club highlighted the alarmingly increase of drug abuse in Kashmir Valley. “We cannot achieve the cent percent success in curbing drug abuse through carrying out only anti-narcotics drives. We want to divert people’s attention to good deeds by carrying out tournaments as such”
Mr. Mushtaq Bazaz, Senior citizen of Lal bazaar said after completion of this tournament we are looking ahead in organizing 7-a-side tournament. With this regard we would like to appeal Government and other authorities to take necessary actions in upgrading the structure of the Shaheed Millat Ground, khan bagh such as adding stands, terraces, dugouts and floodlights”


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