JKGBYWC, hold Protest in Press Enclave Srinagar, against Director Tribal Affair and evicting of Gujjar Bakerwals in Kathua

JKGBYWC, hold Protest in Press Enclave Srinagar, against Director Tribal Affair and evicting of Gujjar Bakerwals in Kathua


Srinagar: J&K Gujjar Bakerwal Youth Welfare Conference, activists headed by their Chief Advisor to team Ch Mushtaq Budgami and State President, Zahid Parwaz Choudhary, held a Protest Demonstration in Press Enclave Srinagar, against Director Tribal Affair, on delaying to release and Disburse the Scholarship among ST students, they were demending for the immediate removal of Director Tribal Affair, as the Director is negligent and incompetent he has made the Office defunct as the six months Passed students are still waiting to get their Scholarship as if funds are available, why delay in to release their Scholarship.

They alleged that the performance of Director Tribal Affair is very low and he even last year Surendered all the funds of SCA to TSP, funds for the upgradation Hostels were made Surendered, funds for the Purchase of Vehicles for the Hostels of Girls Gujjar Bakerwal, made Surendered, funds to Purchase the Tants for Nomads  surrendered, funds alloted for Milk villages and Cluster Tribal villages made Surrendered and we are unable to undersatand actually what type of work he is doing there in Office if all funds he could not get utilised at time

Why the Govt is not serious to do streamline the functioning of Tribal Affair Department? The Performance of the Staff is zero and why no action is being taken them or why they are not being shifted from there.

It is very unfortunate that the authorities of Tribal Affair Surrendered 100% of funds without Utilisation who is accountable for all this mess cteated in the Department the actvists alleged.

They Demanded for the immediate release of Scholarship of ST Students otherwise we will Start State wide stirr against the Department as they have already fed up with the system and style of working which is very careless and against the interest of Community they added.

The activists criticised the functioning of Tribal Affair Department, for its failure to spend funds, especially the SCA to TSP funds. “Development of Gujjar Bakerwal Community has been hampered in J&K due to the negligence of the  government and Tribal Affair Department which has been unable to spend funds properly and timely again and again its being repeated to Surrender the funds.

“On the one hand the central government has been releasing funds for various development activities, under SCA to TSP Scheme while on the other the J&K government has not been able to spend them Properly which is very unforrunate

The activists demanded the intervention of Lt Governor, to initiate an Enquiry why every year Govt Surrenders huge budget of Tribal funds and Responsible Officers should be brought to book those who deliberately Lapsed the funds they demanded.

“It is completely unjust and cheating the people if the government, that talks about development cannot spend funds. Such officers has no right to remain on Chairs,” they should be sent to Jails who every year Surrenders huge amount of funds.

They also raised the Slogans against District administration Kathua, on evicting and displacing the people from their at where they are living since decades they alleged that in Jammu Govt. Has Started the selective eviction drive no one from other Communities whehter they encroached Forest or State Lands they are not even being asked a single word but Gujjar Bakerwals are being Displaced, their properties  have been vandalised in Kathua District, they made homeless by District Administration Kathua, which is Strongly Condemnable.

They alleged that Always If Govt wants to vacate any Land they firstly serves them Notice or Provide the alternate land or Plots and then Vacates the lands but in Jammu region Gujjar Bakerwals are being thrown out from their lands without giving any Notice or setlling them which reveals that Being a Muslim this all is being done with them.

Ch Iqram Bajran, Faisal Bokarda, Khurshid Doie, Barkat Rahie, Zubair Choudhary, Razaq Khtana and Several others were Present in the Protest.


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