The so called representatives

The so called representatives

Representative or indirect system of democracy prevails in almost every Democratic country. Population explosion was main reason behind application of representative system, otherwise direct democracy alternative was available. Unfortunately the system which comes into existence decades before continues in contemporary era and no amendment was made in that very system.
The so called representatives are not representatives in real sense and how it possible that they can represent isfolk’s aspirations and interest. There are so many facts which reveals that they are not representatives in real sense. The present system is that the candidate with highest number of votes is declared winner (representative) even if he has secured less than 50% of votes .for instance if four candidates are contesting election from any constituency e.g. A, B, C, D let A has secured 400 votes, B has got 300, C has 200 and D has secured 100 votes. System in vogue will declare a winner (representative) on basis of highest votes i.e. 400. The fact is that A has only 400 votes on other hand 600 are against him/her. It reveals that majority are against him/ she, under such circumstances how is it justifiable to call him representative. This later on becomes main cause of SPOILS system (favouritism) .it’s better to call this system as PERVERTED FORM OF DEMOCRACY. Govt. should amend this system and replace this with available alternatives.
There should be second ballot system .under second ballot system after general result of election is declared only two candidates (i.e. A& B)with highest number of votes as in e.g. Citied above A,B,C,D will contest again and rest candidates will get dropped from field and one who gets highest number of votes will be declared as winner .& The winner in ( second ballot system) is real representative .
Another most important thing is that there should be FUNCTIONAL REPRESENTATION as suggested by G D H COLE it’s based on occupational composition of society, social, economic, professional group have their own interests and should be properly represented.


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