Pay Anamoly of Lecturers in Physical Education

Pay Anamoly of Lecturers in Physical Education

In pursuance to Govt. order NO :68-Edu(Tech) of 2005 dated :16-5-2005 based on the cabinet decision NO 66/05 dated : 22-4-2005 ,the sanction was accorded to the adoption of State policy declaring Sports, Games and Physical Education as a compulsory Subject in middle, High and Higher Secondary Schools in the erstwhile State now Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir with effect from 2005-06.Thus department of youth service and sports was under obligation to provide sufficient trained teacher/Master/Lecturer in Physical Education in all middle , High and Higher Secondary Schools. The focus of the Govt. was on “Fitness for all” and promotion and popularization of sports in the earstwhile State now Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. This vision cannot be achieved unless all the Schools are equipped with trained teaching staff in Physical Education ‘equal pay scales are sanctioned for teacher/Master in physical Education and Lecturer in physical Education as have already been sanctioned for the teachers/master/10+2 Lecturer of School Education department.
There was a long pending demand of the public for making physical Education as a compulsory Subject and in order to address the said demand Govt. had order reorganisation of youth services and sports department where in 1551 posts of different cadres in the department had been created.
Pertinent to mention here that Govt. had approved reorganisation of the Youth services and sports department and creation of different posts as mentioned above vide cabinet decision NO : 218/13 dated: 16-10-2006. Prior to this a joint clearance committee vide its endorsement NO: PD/2005-06/coord/101-40/A dated 29-06-2006 had granted its sanction to the reorganisation of the Department that is why reorganisation had been done. In this regard some posts had been upgraded and some posts had been created at District and Zonal level and thus in pursuance to Govt.order NO :140-Edu(Tech) of 2006 dated 13-11-2006
Govt had also created 386 posts of Lecturer in Physical Education for high Secondary Schools in the pay Scale of 6700-10700(old). This orders reveals that 50 % post shall be filled up through departmental promotion committee(DPC) and 50 % by making selection through Public Service Commission from the open market.
The Director Youth service and sports had also initiated the processes for the consequential ammendment in the physical Education Gazetted recruitment Rules. In pursuance to SRO 415 dated 20-09-2013 Jammu and Kashmir Youth services & Sports Gazetted service recruitment Rules had been framed which reveals that pay Scale of Lecturer in Physical Education shall be 6700-10700 (in fifth pay commission) 9300-34800+ Grade pay 4300 (sixth pay commission).As far mode recruitment/appointment is concerned , 50 % posts of Lecturer in Physical Education shall be filled up through DPC by way of promotion of physical Education Master and 50 % by direct recruitment .Out of 386 posts 50 % had been filled up vide Govt. order NO :-77-Edu( Tech) of 2008 dated : 27-6-2008 on the analogy of 10+2 Lecturers in other Academic Subjects .Selection on the remaining 50 % (193) posts had been made through Public Service and appointment orders of Lecturer in Physical Education had been issued vide Govt. Order NO:45-Edu(Tech) of 2016 dated :24-02-2016.
Role of Lecturer in physical Education for heping the students for maintaining their good health is clearly evident from the following facts:-since a sound mind lies in a sound body and in order to maintain good health by the students it is necessary to provide them ample of opportunities of playing different games and sports . When posts of Lecturer in Physical Education would have been created for all higher Secondary Schools of union territory of Jammu and Kashmir then students will get a chance of opting it as fifth subject and then while performing practical students will get more chances of playing different games under the abled guidance of Lecturer in Physical Education.
It is also a well established fact that in a play field a student gets more chance of learning values like tolerance, patience, mutual cooperation ,importance and power of unity , team spirit , qualities of leadership etc under the abled guidance of Lecturer in physical Education.
when a student’s plays in the play field then all the parts of his body function properly and thus he become a healthy person and consequently an intelligent person.
Following important activities are performed for the betterment of the students in a higher Secondary School under the guidance of Lecturer in physical Education which are in addition to teaching physical Education as fifth Subject by the Lecturer in physical Education:-
Strength: It means the ability to contract , and only the muscles contract. So strength refers to the contraction of muscles. when they contract they become stiff. In this way a player become able to use the rigidity and weight of other parts of the body .strength is the amount of force it can be generated by contraction. Strength depends on the length and thickness of muscles. Thus it becomes clear that as the muscles of a player become stronger and stronger then the player become a more healthy person.
Speed: It is the rate of contraction of muscles . when muscles are stronger the speed is more which can be increased by practice of games and sports.
Power: It is capacity to do any work . This power is released by muscular contraction. Muscular contraction increase with throwing , lifting, pulling, etc .Thus with the help of games and sports power of a student increases.
Flexibility: It is the ability to move body segments to a full range as joints can move .This depends on the muscles around the body segment and types of joints of body segments. It can be increased by stretching the muscles.
Reaction time: It is time taken to react to a stimuli. Hearing power of player is more .He can hear to a sound more quickly then a common person who is not player.
Co-ordination: It is ability to use different set of muscles and different body segments in a harmonious pattern. This co-ordination increases with the increase of age and experience in the play field.
Balance: This is ability to maintain position of the body .This is also called stability .A player is always more stable and he has ability to control his body as balance and co-ordination are inter-related.
Endurance: It is ability to do hard work for a longer period. There are two types of endurance. Cradio respiratory endurance also contributes to fitness . Both the respiratory and circulatory mechanism must be able to perform a hard work continuously -over a period of time. The other endurance is muscular endurance .The muscles and nerves must be in such a condition that both can perform a hard work over a long period of time.
All the above listed qualities are available in a player and can be increased with the increase of age and experience in the games and sports . Thus in order to churn healthy, strong and genius students for the future of a strong Nation it is necessary that all the genuine issues of Lecturer in Physical Education including pay anamy may kindly be resolved on priority in the interest of equity and justice and all other relevant factors discussed above in details.
This article has been written in the interest of Lecturer in physical Education in order to high light and justify the genuine demand of Lecturers in physical Education which they have been projecting time and again and pursuing it for the last many years. Thus the purpose of writing is only to highlight a genuine issue of important nature in the interest of Society and the Nation and also its earliest redressal once for all from the August hands of concerned authorities of Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.


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