Glimpse On The Lives Of Our Ancestors And Their survival

Glimpse On The Lives Of Our Ancestors And Their survival

Present Society Has Lost Respect and Love

It is hard to believe now days to earn respect in society. I have been observing and witnessing the activities which are disturbing and very difficult to believe and elaborate how the ethics love and care have been destroyed in society as Leaves fulminate from trees during autumn. I am just sitting as mute spectator as i couldn’t do anything to abolish this infeasible which is happening. It needs sessions of counselling to aware the people how to behave properly in society. Let i am reminding and telling you an interesting story how our ancestors living in societies how they were sharing their love and care each other. Here firstly I have brought a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W what he said about it all and we must learn from it ;
The Prophet Muhammad SAW (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) stated: “The right of one Muslim upon another are five: to respond to the salm; to visit the sick; to follow the funeral [when he dies]; to respond to an invite; and to say yarhamakallh (may Allah show you mercy) when he sneezes and says alhamdulillh (all is praise is for Allah).” He also said: “A Muslim is a brother to a fellow Muslim. He does not oppress him, he does not betray him and he does not look down on him.”
While sitting in homes during lockdown as ongoing deadly virus has paralysed the life.As it was routine during lockdown period to be sitting together in homes for sharing telling stories and observations. In my home we had some guests and relatives one day ,after taking lunch we managed to make a little bit gathering and some relatives initiated stories of various types and in a surprised and sudden move i asked a question to a guest ; How love you people were sharing each other during your era in societies ? she said : do hear; Shaizan! It is not like today what is happening in present times how the love,respect and care has been abolished in societies. Now i would love to tell you in our time we were doing functions events. It was a routine and ethic in society to respect everyone’s dignity and praying for the success of everyone,very disturbing to see and witness in these days that this said activity has been out rooted. Whenever we had planned any event in societies or anybody had we did not make those functions individually rather organising like in a family. But in the sad part of story this thing and activity too being devastated in present time. I believe that the future will be more ugly if the trend remains same as its today. After all hearing this argument I just remained calm and mum , and started introspection of myself was thinking how the life was in societies and how it is in present time. I surely pledged that time come to aware people how our ancestors living the life .
Eventually at least we think and introspect ourselves, about the respect for elders which has been forgotten in the minds of everyone in society. Where we are existing good do we think that we have lost morales and even self respect. We have to define our lives with full sincerity of ethics and good manners infront of our elders. Other thing is that we have to remember never ever come and behave wrongly or with anger with the kids and children’s. Here our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W (PBUH) said about children you can imagine how our messenger PBUH was treating kids here its;
The Messenger of Allah used to play with children even in the streets while walking. Ya’la Ibn Mura says: “I went out with the Prophet -prayers and peace of Allah be upon him- for a food invitation. Al-Hussain son Ali was playing in the street, whereupon the Prophet hurried in front of the people towards him to catch him while Al-Hussain running right and left to escape. Moreover, he used to take Osama Ibn Zaid and Al-Hassan Ibn Ali and place them on his thighs then he would tightly hug them and say: “O Allah have mercy on the as I have mercy on them.” [Reported by Al-Bukhari 6003]
Go back and remind how people and our ancestors were living life with zest and charm,not like us with full of troubles I believe indeed that was the best life and straightforward. I pray to Allah may I would have been living that time so I had lived life which would be unforgettable with full experiences and memories Lets spread love care and respect in our societies and bring change with zest and joy.

Shaizan Nadaf from Plan Bandipora Kashmir,Recently cleared 12th in 2019 and now pursuing Entrance Coaching For Leading Universities.


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