Body Of ‘Intruder’ Killed By BSF Handed Over To Police In Uri

Body Of ‘Intruder’ Killed By BSF Handed Over To Police In Uri

Uri: Body of a man, claimed to an intruder killed by BSF at Dulanja Uriin Baramulla district, was on Wednesday handed over to police.
A police officer said that the slain has been identified as Kamran Chack son of Mohammad Nazir (39) resident of Bandi Sochian tehsil in district Hatiyan Bala of Pakistan Administered Kashmir.
SHO Uri Mohammad Ashraf told GNS the body was received and autopsy has been done at SDH Uri.
“The intruder was challenged on which he hide behind a tree. On warning that he will be fired upon if he didn’t come out with hands above,” the official had said, adding, “The intruder came out and was asked to walk towards the fence, with due caution.
Subsequently, the intruder came close to the fence and threw some papers across the fence. The same were being checked.”
The intruder, they said, was asked to strip for a closer search. “He ran back and after repeated verbal warnings the intruder was shot by the BSF sentry.” (GNS)


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