‘They Are Delaying The DNA Samples’ – Says Kin Of The Slain In Shopian Encounter

‘They Are Delaying The DNA Samples’ – Says Kin Of The Slain In Shopian Encounter

Fizala Khan

Srinagar: On the 18th of July, a day after an encounter raged in Shopian’s Amshipora, three ‘alleged’ militants were encountered and were buried silently in Baramulla, even without them being identified.
Among the three was Abrar Ahmed, who is succeeded by a family that consists of a mother, a father, his wife, a child and his brother Javid Ahmed.
The Jammu and Kashmir Police immediately collected the DNA samples of families of all three youth of Rajouri for the cross-examination whereas the family members of Abrar Ahmed have been asserting that DNA for cross-examination and exhumation of bodies were collected more than a month ago. The families have not heard back from the officials.
The Wife of Abrar Ahmed spoke to The Kashmiriyat and said, “We have repeatedly asked for the results of the sample and they keep asking us to come again later. The last time they were adamant that the reports will be given to us on Monday and we still do not have any tabs on the report nor has an official tried to contact us about the same.”
Inconsolable and distorted as she waits for justice and to hear back from the officials, the 25-year old’s wife said, “It has been more than months that we are trying to get back the reports. The ones with power are failing us miserably and we have been waiting to prove the innocence of my husband. We have no resolution in this situation and what have we been waiting for ?.”
“Why is it taking the officials so long to give us back the reports? Why are they failing the system? Our families do not need anything. We just want justice for the father of my child.”
Anees Chouhan, the 18-month-old son of Abrar Ahmed is waiting that his father who has been killed in Shopian will come back home with juice, eatables and clothes for him to wear.
In despair, Shareen (wife of Abrar Ahmed) is perplexed and baffled when their 18-month-old asks about his father.
The family has appealed the authorities to help them and bring justice to the family and has demanded the DNA reports to be given at earliest so that the innocence of their family and boys can be proven. (Source The Kashmiriyat)


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