JKAHUC Chaired Delegatory Meeting In Anantnag

JKAHUC Chaired Delegatory Meeting In Anantnag

‘Several agendas were discussed by the chaired member’s of the association’

Anantnag: A meeting was organised by District body Anantang on 12th September 2020. Since the beginning of the pandemic Covid 19. A Delegation came from Srinagar Headed by President JKAHUC Jinab Sheikh Feroz. The District President welcomed the Delegation and other members and requested to Sheikh Feroz Chaired the meeting. Then the Agenda was discussed item wise.
It was unanimously resolved that a delegation headed by Sheikh Feroz shall soon visit MOME(Ministry of minorities affairs) Govt of India and Ambassador of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, New Delhi to apprised the difficulties and suffering of the Haj & Umrah Sector, emerging due to the pandemic Covid 19.
It was resolved that JKAHUC delegates will also meet with Heads of Air India, other Airlines and Saudi Airlines officials (operational Heads Indian Regions) where the necessary and required mechanism will be considered thread barely along with the relevant SOP’s on eve of ongoing pandemic.
It was also unanimously resolved that almost all PTO’s (Private Tour Operators) had received advance payments of Umrah Feb 2020 onwards and Haj 2020 and same amounts had been deposited to Airlines, Saudi Visa, Hotels etc. All Tour programs cancelled due to pandemic covid 19. Now the Association has approached to all concerned authorities for full “REFUND” which is now under process. Concerned Haj& Umrah clients/ parties are humblely requested to wait for refund till payments will be released and same to be credited in PTO’s A/c, then PTO’S may be able to refunded that payments in full and final.
The present members in the meeting suggested in one word voice that all PTO’S in J&K will maintain disciplinary code of conduct in the said Sector, and meeting’s shall be conducted in all most all the Districts of J&K for up gradation, uniformity and smooth functioning in the said Sector.
The meeting concluded with these prayers that May Allah Subhanawatallah and up all the climaties and sufferings faced by Humanity due to pandemic covid 19.


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