Will BOSE reconsider its decision?

Will BOSE reconsider its decision?

The reduction in syllabus as well as the promotion to the next level for students was yet again ordered by the Board of School Education in Jammu and Kashmir. Such decisions would only add to the miseries of these students in the future competitive exams as they are not able to receive education properly and by these decision they would not get an opportunity to learn from their teachers. One fails to understand the need and necessity of taking such decisions. It is a well-known fact that the students have suffered huge academic losses since last one year in Jammu and Kashmir and at this juncture, the government should have taken steps in compensating their losses rather than taking these decisions, which would in no way provide benefits to the students here. There are people who call the decisions as unjust for, saying that these decisions should be considered again and must not be announced at this vital mode. Every individual has a right to receive education and it stands the duty of the concerned department to ensure the students enrolled in different educational institutions would receive education in a best possible manner. The government should consider its decision of promoting the students of Class 10, 11 and 12 to next level and also 30 per cent relaxation in the syllabus of students. Instead, the government should delay the examinations for the wellbeing of the students so that they can be able to receive proper and necessary education at this stage and would not suffer in the future competitive examinations.


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