Teacher: One Who Deserves Utmost Respect And Honour

Teacher: One Who Deserves Utmost Respect And Honour

I have believed that the teacher is the only one who can change your life by that way which you couldn’t think as their initial intentions of teaching surely make you able understand and enlighten how to behave and what really life is.Teachers are making genealogical full of knowledge art and wisdom in society.They can change system in once’s life by through that way which is deep to believe Indeed Allah has given them the minds and things which are unique. Here Hazrat Ali “R. A” qouted about teachers you can’t believe how stage and positions our teachers are having;
Hazrat Ali (RA) stated that: “If a person teaches me one single word, he has made me his servant for a lifetime.”
In Sad part of the story that it is hard to believe in present era as we lack respect and honour for our teachers .Let we go back to old environment where teachers were getting the respect and the honour which is lest to forget.And here i am gonna to tell you an interesting story which is told my mom to me. It is about the relationship of teachers and students in past era.Mom addressing to me. Once there was time when we used to go school it was charming happiness all around, not like today as you are dealing with modernization that was straightforward period. It was not education only that time it was an interesting to go school for many activities such were ; i and my colleagues had made one day in week to clean the all classrooms of school and yard of the school.We always brought two tiffins one for self other for teacher that was routine exercise did by every individual.There were sessions of singing of kashmiri songs which is too called “Bandhe pather “. There were less class rooms as the building structures were not in conception that time our teachers were always love to teach us in school yard.It was pleasure and joy when we left our homes to school with the hand written in wooden rectangular shape ply which is called “Mashq” in kashmiri. We always done our writing by ink pen “Qalm” for that we had to bring ink “Meeil”. When there was announcement of picnics we always fell in jubilation like as we had to celebrate Eid.It was not about to go in vehicles or in any transportation for picnic .We used to go by foot for picnic and always destined local places for that. There was relish and zest during picnic as we had claimed that its like family picnic. There were many more works and activities which are hard to forget in my life in short I could say to you the school life is that which i had spent and the relationship of teacher’s with students was like as Father and mother. Its not like today if we were asked for a interrogation with teacher we always down our head in front of him/her but today its deep to seek it . But the very disturbing to see in present era how this relationship has abolished.
An incident recorded in book, “Ta’leemul Muta’allim”.Haroon ar Rasheed (RA) sent his son to study under Hazrat isma’eel (RA). Once, when Haroon Rasheed went to visit, he saw prince pouring the water for his ustaad ( Teacher) to perform wudhu. Haroon Rasheed said to Hazrat isma’eel, I sent him to you to acquire knowledge as well as to learn respect. What respect you are teaching him? Why don’t you rather command him to pour the water with one hand and wash your feet with other hand.This is an example for us all that how much our teachers deserve respect and honour.
The new modernization and extravagance has created a disaster of issues between the student and teacher. There are opportunities and competition in present era.The pursuit of knowledge is everywhere but the main thing we lack respect and honour infront of teachers. We have to remember one thing teaching is the profession that makes all professions dont be bad with your profession makers .Wisdom and Knowledge is easy to get where ever you want but to remain with full ethical is hard for us which is very unfortunate. Before going to conclude lets pledge that we won’t betray our lovable teachers and we will respect and honour them whatever situation be.

The Author from Plan Bandipora Kashmir,Recently cleared 12th in 2019 and now pursuing Entrance Coaching For Leading Universities


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