Farooq Abdullah accuses BJP of Communal politics

Farooq Abdullah accuses BJP of Communal politics

Srinagar: The senior Member Parliament and National Conference president, Farooq Abdullah on Tuesday accused the BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP) and RSS of playing communal politics and also said that “it will drown them.”
The veteran leader lashed out on BJP and RSS by accusing them for indulging in the “game” of communal politics. He stressed upon that his party National Conference (NC) never played politics over religion.
The National Conference President was speaking to the reporters on the side-lines of a function held to pay tributes to his father and National Conference founder Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah on his 38th death anniversary.
Abdullah, Member of Parliament from Srinagar LokSabhaonstituency, was asked to comment over BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav’s reported remarks that “Gupkar leaders are resorting to that dangerous game once again, this time in the name of Islam.”
Pertinently, on Tuesday, the BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP)’s national general secretary, Ram Madhav, accused Farooq Abdullah and Jammu and Kashmir’s other regional mainstream leaders of “trying to inject a dangerous Islamist discourse into the state politics.”
The National Conference President’s response came a day after Ram Madhav had in an article appearing in ‘Greater Kashmir’ newspaper in which he alleged that the NC leadership and other signatories of ‘Gupkar Declaration’ were “trying to take the people of Kashmir for a ride to chase a chimera.”
In response to (BJP)’s national general secretary comment on Gupkar declaration, Farooq Abdullah lashed out at BJP by saying that it were the saffron party and its ideological parent RashtriyaSwayamsevakSangh (RSS) who are paying communal politics and that the same will result into their extermination.
Abdullah stressed that his National Conference (NC) party never played politics over religion by saying that, “National Conference never played politics over religion. That is our history. What was the motto of Sheikh Abdullah (Sher-e-Kashmir? It was ‘Sher-e-Kashmir kakyairshad; Hindu, Muslim, Sikh Itehad (What is the command of Lion of Kashmir? Unity among the Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs.)


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