Pakistan Lawmaker Warns of ‘Nuclear War’ Over Kashmir

Pakistan Lawmaker Warns of ‘Nuclear War’ Over Kashmir

Islamabad: A Pakistani lawmaker urged the international community, including the UN, to swiftly act to stop the atrocities of Kashmiris by Indian Government forces.
Addressing a seminar in the capital Islamabad, Shehryar Khan Afridi, chairman of parliament’s Kashmir committee, claimed New Delhi was using backdoor channels to resume talks to Pakistan, however Pakistan would not talk to India unless Kashmir issue was on the agenda, he said.
Kashmir became a key issue in the global digital space and that Pakistan would not allow India to mislead the world on the ongoing “genocide” in Kashmir.
“We are reaching out to all the global platforms to raise Kashmir issue.
Sardar Masood Khan, president of Pakistani-administered Kashmir, also known as Azad Kashmir, charged that extrajudicial killings have become a norm in disputed Jammu Kashmir.
The Indian side has always maintained that Kashmir is an integral part of India, and Pakistan should stop interfering in the issue of Kashmir.


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