Dowry: The Dark Side Of Weddings

Dowry: The Dark Side Of Weddings

In the trials and turbulations,

In the mighty streaks of separation,

amid uncertainties and frustrations

I lost my daughter to the world’s deception.

With dulcet promises, I bid her adieu

painted the story of my blood in dark hue.

She was a princess -the apple of my eye.

With her parting, accompanied a huge sigh.

In a dainty style, he handed her over

Over to the hands of mighty power

Power of acrimony and despise became to hover

And her intrication was no more over.

For demands followed one after other

Encumbrance to her happy life; a deceit rather.

Now she was near to be a mother

In a dilemma was she, regarding her shelter.

Her innocence was at last attacked

Her life once with smiles and hopes was bedecked

Up were the flames of feud and she was stabbed.

In a colour of dark red, she was adorned.

Lo!the poor father stood in umbrage

How relieved was he on her marriage!

There she was carried away in a carriage

Here! Her father just fumed in a rage

She became the victim of dowry

A victim of her in-law’s torture

She died-but left a heart sore

A feeling of guilt she thrusted in us.


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