Shabir khanbali was a Muskharwith petulant behaviour but not mentally unsound

Shabir khanbali was a Muskharwith petulant behaviour but not mentally unsound

In the last two months an unknown clumsy and bumbling MUSKHAR lives in district Anantnag who suddenly appeared on social media as if the first communication satellite was launched into the orbit by a nuclear state for achieving ground-breaking space science. Hue and cry of *khanbali khanbali* in khanbal. Many people visited him, listening to his Kashmiri funny dialogues and making fun of them in relaxing their fatigued muscles and escaping tensions. After showing such an amazing talent, people got lured by his frenzy spoken words which immediately caught their attention towards him. There was a rush in khanbal as people from different areas across kashmir started making you tube channels in his name for showing all such videos which were made whiles hooting with cameras and DSLRs. His videos went viral making rounds on social sites and thereby he got well recognition in Kashmir division prompted everyone to know this newly MUSKHAR known as Shabir Khanbali.
One of the videos I have come across when few persons were sitting with him in an old house. One of them having long beard earnestly appealed the public that Shabir khanbali had nothing to live. So he needed money and other kind of assistance. We all appreciated for this very step as they were asking people for help as he was impoverished. Who else could not help a poor manin Kashmir if he is in bad condition? Almost all people would help who is poor and lacking in sustenance. A question raised in my mind. Didn’t same persons drive him more into Kashmiri artificial comedy by making funny videos?
Probably a fortnight ago he had turned out to be well known comedian in Kashmir by a gang of persons who were praising and promoting him on many social networking sites without went deep in him. Infact, they were busy in making his videos and uploading them on you tube channels for earning money. His fans loved to his nonsensical and scurrilous words which were being frequently used by Shabir khanbali. It was a first debut for the new platform in an artificial acting theatre which could have not proven successful for Shabir Khanbali. What were they used him in doing such indulging activities or Shabir khanbaliwas himself eager in doing such untoward things which made him very famous in a month. There are many uncertainties while thinking of him.
First reason, if gaining ground and faith in any field leads any person to haughtiness and pride when a band of people eulogizing unconditionally and quickly get inclined to start dancing and loving in his favor for being promoted talent ahead. It is natural instinct in every human being that he feels much proud while receiving comments from fans for attaining a wide recognition. Second reason when a person does not know anything and he always finds somehow inferior, averting social alignment. He too falls prey to such obnoxious activities while he gains a handful amount offans by showing any condescending art either in mimicry or throwing unnecessarily contemptuous remarks for entertaining. In that sense Shabir Khanbali too was fallen prey to the same. I remember the moral; Pride hath a fall and he fell down on the pavement left with heavy blots on body which may hardly get removed in molting.
Some key findings in relating to Shabir Khanbali that he was smoking cannabis enough which may have turned him into a frenzy state andhe acted to be barbaric with the common people as well. He has been a wood cutter to earn livelihoods. While finding him in real world it needs a wide an open field research and survey in delineating a well structured documentary. Shabir khanbli had galore supporters from different districts only knowing him with the most frenetic dialogue[Seedhe mout kulle manz pethe latte mund]which he threw at his big fans. They even did not realize him sincerely. Khanbali, The MUSKHAR was a common man having senses but lacking them while going amuck in making videos. Charas in Kashmiri a name of a chemical drug which he used to smoke day in and day out. It may have made him more jeerer and perverted in using derogatory remarks. Shabir khanbali was mentally fit and did not have any medical complications. But smoking cannabis could be one of the reasons of his ridiculous expression.
Finally The MUSKHAR did a blunder in speaking ill words to our holy book Al- Quran. At least two or three men gathered around his house trying to realistically know him. They were taking his video in which he was speaking such filthy words which caused assassination the village. Meanwhile his video went viral and the MUSKHAR ultimately was proved a Blasphemer. All were saddened to hear such rudely pathetic words which he spoke out while confronting the two men. Muslims can’t tolerate anyone in desecrating sacred relics linking with the most dignified religion i.e. Islam. Islam is our first priority and there is no way to compromise in case of blasphemy. Law enforcing bodies must give him severe carnal punishment so that he will learn an exemplary lesson throughout his life. His close fans should be deemed as perpetrators and they are equally responsible for this. A Good comedian knows about his key part in amusing audiences at the comedian theatres but Shabir Khanbali, the MUSKHAR who was not a good comedian but was just pretending to be like that. Government of Jammu and Kashmir should look forward to come up with a hard-line approach for restraining such undisciplined comedians who do not know ABC of comedy. Such vagabond comedians can be harmful per se. They must be recruited in any recognized lunatic asylum for mental upbringing prior to come out in the public for showing any talent. Any man found anywhere trying to be a comedian in our state. Firstly check, he is mentally fit or not. Tomorrow he may defame by insulting himself in pro bono publico. Therefore, I humbly request to the people of Kashmir that whenever you will see such persons in your locality who behave or doing notorious activities which are of no use but just making an entertainment by passing on jeering words. We must abstain from them and also keep ourselves aloof.

The Author is M.Sc from university of Kashmir


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