Biography: Sufi Saint Lassa Khan Fida

Biography: Sufi Saint Lassa Khan Fida

Raouf Dar

‘The preaching of the Lassa Khan is still practiced by many of his followers across Jammu and Kashmir’

Anantnag: Ghulam Rasool Khan popularly known as “Lassa Khan Fida was born on 2 May 1898 at Qazi Mohallah in southern Kashmir’s Anantnag district. He did his early education at Mission School, later he left the school and pursued his further studies from his Grandfather Madatawa Khan. He was mostly interested in Persian, Urdu, Arabic and Kashmiri literature.
Abdul Nabi Lahoori (R.A) from Lahore, Pakistan visited Kashmir in 1926 and gave guidance to Lassa Khan Fida. Later on he became his (Fida’s) spiritual teacher and his best follower.
Earlier, he followed Kubarwai Silsilla and after that when he met Abdul Nabi Lahoori (R.A) he followed him and and became associated with Qadari FazaliSilsilla.
At the age of 21, he wrote his first book namely “GulBakwal” which was published in Tajiran e Kutb at Lahore, Pakistan. GulBakwal was famous all over the Kashmir and was turned into a TV serial too which was telecasted thrice a week.
Most of his Naats, Manqabat and other poems are included in his famous book Saafie-e-Naaz.
His other famous achievements were Gulzari e Haqaqat published in 1935, Dewaan e Qadari in which he gave message of spirituality and belief in GOD.
One of his famous Manqabat is still famous all over Kashmiri speaking belt “Hamudbei Had ZatiPakas Dambadam, Baed Minnat Cham Qadiri Chus Chum Ni Gam…”
Fida was a well-known poet whose Mathnavis and Lyrical prose are widely read. He had contributed a lot to modern Sufi poetry in Kashmir.
He is known for a miracle that he did in his fifties when there was severe drought in Kashmir and people believed that if anybody will pray at Shrine of Hurat Murat on a hill at Matard then it was Fida (R.A) who prayed at Shrine and stared at the heavens then took something from his pocket and then turned to his followers after which it started raining and people couldn’t believe this has happened.
Prof. Gulshah Khan, son of Lassa Khan Fida while talking to Kashmir Glacier said, “He is known for his practical thinking, finding facts behind things, logics and science. He always looked for needy people and helped them during his lifetime”
He further said that, he never took money from his followers who visited him, he was used to help them with his own money.
He was offered a job at Radio Kashmir (Now Akashvani Srinagar) but he refused even though he was also nominated for Presidential Award which he denied to receive. Ghulam Rasool Khan known as “Lassa Khan Fida” left this world on 30 August 1965 and since then his followers celebrate his annual Urs every year with Religious fervour and zeal.(Kashmir Glacier)


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