Brick prices soar in Anantnag, authorities in ‘slumber’

Brick prices soar in Anantnag, authorities in ‘slumber’


Anantnag August 27 : The brick kiln owners in Anantnag have increased rapidly brick rates willfully while the authorities concerned are acting as mute spectators. According to the locals, one tipper load of bricks costs more than 26, 000 per 3, 000 bricks, or one tipper load.

Locals told that the price which was fixed by the government but the brick kiln owners are selling the bricks willfully thus are looting the people at their will. They said that the brick kiln owners have been selling bricks at exorbitant rates.

Meanwhile, the brick kiln owners told that they have suffered huge losses from the last two years and due to COVID-19, they couldn’t make their brick kilns operational but had to pay the laborers their dues for no work. They said that they operate their kilns on rented space and have to pay them in any situation.

Locals have appealed to Dc Anantnag K.K. Sidha look into the matter fix rate as per goverment order and take strict action those brick kliners who take advantage and loot Customers.


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