Service Of Society Is Best Kind Of Prayer

Service Of Society Is Best Kind Of Prayer

Unity and brotherhood among people of Village and Panchayat:- It is well established fact that for the proper development of any village or panchayat it is necessary that all the inhabittant must educated so that they must be living with unity and brotherhood. when there will be sufficient Education among people of whole village or panchayat then they will understand importance of unity and brotherhood and will try to maintain same among themselve. Every educated person must be conscious about his relatives and will certainly respect them. Every educated person will consider pain and pleasure of other as his own and will help them in every difficult time and will always be ready for this purpose sincerely which is a great reward of virtues in future and this is also a best kind of prayer. It is often said that only such a person is considered alive whose existence is useful for other and as per religious principle one who helps others in pain or pleasure or in difficult situations is considered very close to Almighty.
Every religion lays a stress on the unity of all the persons of a village especially the relatives but not for discording or disuniting them..when there will be unity and brotherhood among the people then they will help each other in difficult times . when one will have shortage of any thing of daily use of life he will borrow it from others or other at their own level can lend it to needy person with the intention of getting blessing of Almighty . one who helps others is required to do so with the intention of getting willness and pleasure of Almighty. when a work is as much as liked by Almighty then one must get blessing in proportionate to such work. Now when a person will try to discord or disunite some persons or tries to create some difference in behaviour in dealing with some persons then he will get equal punishment for it.
It is unfortunate that due to lack of knowledge of religious principles some persons do the act of displeasure otherwise no one will do such work giving loss and no one will like the trade giving loss. From the discussion made above it become apparent clear that for the service of Society it is necessary to unite all the people of Village or panchayat and a person having commitment and cool mind can do this pious work which is a best step to get pleasure of Almighty followed by several other benefits from his infinite treasure.
All must try to get from the infinite treasure of Almighty: It is necessary to let it known to all the inhabittant of a village or panchayat that treasue of Almighty is infinite and every one can get every thing from this treasure . It is also necessary to tell them that certain qualities and values are also required for getting some thing from the said infinite treasure. It is also necessary to tell them that when some one is blessed with some good thing by Almighty viz reputation, health, wealth, art , skill, knowledge and Education etc all other must be happy with such person and must not think negatively or adversely about such blessed person. If a person will think contrary to it about such person then such thinking will have no impact upon such person but only precious time of such person is wasted who think negatively . Almighty likes very much to such those persons who beg from his treasure .when every person must have knowledge of aforementioned facts then Jealousy come to an end from the society for ever which is otherwise incurable disease .when there will be no jealousy among all the people then certainly society will progress and there will be over All development because everyone will try to get from the infinite treasue of Almighty.
Benefits of Education:- There are many parents in different village who are not educated and who even do not know the importance of Education. It is necessary to identify them in order to let them know The importance of quality Education . when they must come to know such importance and benefits then they will give full attention and will play their positive role towards the education of their children. When all the children will acquire quality Education then certainly society will progress.
Role of parents in Education of Children: It is necessary to teach to the parents that what role they can play in acquiring quality Education by their children and then need to creat a habit among parents to play such role actively with utmost love and affection. parents must be taught to send their children daily to School . when children may return home parents must keep them busy with their studies before and after School hours for more than eight hours daily so that children must develop sitting and reading habit in order to become sufficient intelligent and efficient.
Selection of beautiful goals for Children:- parents must be taught to select at least three beautiful aim or goal of life for their children(each). If due to competition or any other reason a child would not be able to achieve one of such goals then he will achieve the second or third one . In this way a child will not be discouraged as he would succeed in achieving at least one goal so fixed. when there will be a beautiful goal before a child then certainly he will do equal beautiful hard work rather smart work for achieving such goal without any sort of pressure of such hard work or presdure of studies . once the child will be knowing importance of such beautiful goal then he will be committed to achieve such beautiful goal.
Students must not be engaged in work other than studies:- It has been observed that some parents use their children reading in 11th or 12th for filing complaints against other persons of same village or panchayat or against employees working in various departments in particular area which creates a sense of indiscipline among school going children or a wrong impression on the mind of such children which further deviate them from their studies. In this way their efficiency and then bright career is badly affected. Thus parents must be taught to keep school going children away from family dispute and qurells over matters of little importance which create negative affect on their bright mind and with this their efficiency decrease.
Help of poor, widows and orphans: It is necessary that poor, widows and orphans must be identified in every village or panchayat for giving support and financial help to all of them. For this purpose a committee comprising of honest , sincere, volunteer persons belonging to particular panchayat must be constituted so that the said committee must help such needy persons of all the categories.
Selection of ten genius children every year: In every village or panchayat ten genius children must be identified every year and proped guidance and counselling must be given to their parents for taking due care of such children in acquiring quality education . parents of these children must be given guidance and counselling and training with regard to keeping them busy in studies before and after School hours so that children may become sufficient efficient and intelligent . A committee comprising of four volunteer teachers and five non controversial and most conscious locals must be constituted for the guidance of all parents in general the parents of these ten children in particular . In this way after ten year there would be hundred efficient and intelligent students in every panchayat .On completing their education such children would achieve beautiful goals for serving the society in a most efficient manner with dedication and devotion.
Constitution of peace committee: A committee comprising of most honest , sincere, loyal to the Society , conscious and Almighty fearing persons having cool mind and command over guidance and advise must be constituted for every village or panchayat so that all the people of whole panchayat must like to listen to their advice and none among such persons must oppose any one other in any way. This committee must play its role for maintaining peace in the whole panchayat . In this way if similar committees would be constituted for all the Panchayats and if these committees would work for maintaining peace then there would be peace in all the panchayat, Tehsils , Blocks , Districts and then in the whole union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.
Role of elders of society or senior citizen for getting smart work from all the Govt. employee:- In every village or panchayat two-three persons must be identified for each Govt. employee who must be trained for playing their positive role for getting smart work from all the employee especially the teachers . such person must include Father, father in law , maternal/paternal uncle of concerned Govt. employee or any other elder having some relation with each Govt. employee. After identification these persons must be trained to play their active role for the said purpose so that after acting upon the advice of such person every Govt. employee must work with utmost dedication and devotion. When these identified persons will advice all the concerned Govt employee for working honestly then certainly they will act upon such advice of such petson(s). It is also necessary for all the Govt. employees to work with dedication and devotion in such a time when unemployment is touching to the sky . When educated and well qualified candidates are in search of Govt Job then those having such a good job already must work with dedication and devotion with the advice of these identified persons.
The peace committee so constituted can work for the eradication of evils like drug addiction, habit of smoking , doary etc from the society . The peace committee can also resolve the family and other disputes among the locals for bringing peace in the whole area. This can also be done with the help of panchayat Adalats and with the support of PRIS.
There is another serious matter which retards the development of villages and panchayat . Those persons who have contested Panchayats Election and were defeated now they have started creating obstacles in the smooth functioning & development of panchayat in executing various development works in Panchayats .Since it is an established fact that an elected Hon’ble Member Legislative Assembly can take part in the preparations of development plans and execution of various development works in the similar fashion in case of Panchayats elected PRI can only take part in preparation and execution of development plans of Panchayats which is also evident from the panchayat Raj Act . Now if any of such defeated candidate have any genuine grievances then he can place his matter before Deh Majlis for discussion and consideration. If such candidates would not be satisfied then matter can be taken up with any of the officers is Rural development Department for making the fact clear to these defeated candidates that undue interference in smooth proceeding of the panchayat is a Crime and Action can be initiated against such person(s). Peace committee can also advice these candidates not to create hindrance in smooth functioning of Panchayats.
In pursuance to the fundamental duties laid down in 9th Schedule of constitution an impartial Govt. servant resident of same area can file an application before the competent court of law or some competent officer against such defeated candidates if they would not abide by the rules and norms envisage in panchayat Raj Act and will create problems in the smooth work of Panchayats. However this can be done after seeking permission by the concerned employee from his head of the Department.
If all the Educated persons , unemployed Educated youths , other sincere ,conscious , honest and Almighty fearing persons would work for the development of whole panchayats in the afore discussed manner then there would be proper development of all the villages and panchayats , there would be complete peace in the whole area , unity among all the people of whole Panchayats, literacy rate will increase and in this way development would take place in the area and thus there would be prosperity among all the people of the village or Panchayat then Block, Tehsil and Districts and in this way the over All development of whole union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir will take place. This will be great service to the society which will also be a best kind of prayer.


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