Governmentization Vs Privatization

Governmentization Vs Privatization

Even after 70 years of independence and with a large number of its population under 18 – JK is still failing to educate its citizens, notably the poor. Numerous reasons lead to adverse conditions of education in our state. Generally, private schools are considered superior to government schools in terms of quality of education, facilities, teaching-learning environment, and infrastructure. But the importance of government schools cannot be neglected either.
Government schools do hold a significant position in making education available to the masses. They have several benefits over private schools which cannot be denied, such as, Government schools are affordable, they schools provide education without any discrimination, policies like ‘Free and Compulsory Education’ and ‘Education to The Girl Child’ are made possible only in the government schools, ‘Mid Day Meal’ to encourage more students to attend the school, etc .Private schools charge huge amounts from the students and thus are able to maintain a huge budget. While on the other hand, government schools face problems because the teacher of government school are busy in their own works they live in their homes at the time of school/at the time of teaching in school, and the second biggest problem is teachers post are empty in the govt. school. Even at some place there are only 04/05 teachers in the school where there are three hundred plus student .Now think yourself how to move forward to govt. school.
The coming of privatisation in the field of education in India, and especially JK state has created a high level of inequality amongst students all over the country.(state) Especially, for students living in rural areas, getting a quality education is a dream. As a majority of private schools in the country are located in urban locations, therefore, it is very hard for people from rural areas to get the opportunities which a city kid has. Moreover, not all families are financially equipped to handle the expenses of a private school education.
The infrastructure of the government schools is highly ill-equipped in comparison to the private schools. As a result, there is a vast difference in terms of opportunities for students in Government Schools. Because of inferior infrastructure, these schools are unable to provide an atmosphere of competition as they do not have the infrastructure to hold inter school competitions for their students. As a result, the students never have the benefit of practising the theory which they study in their schools. Because of this, they have a harder time grasping the concepts which they study, which comes naturally to a Private school student. Most of the schools in the country lack even the basic facilities like classrooms, separate toilets for girls & boys, and clean drinking water.
Also, there is a huge difference in the faculty which a government school provides and that which a private school provides. As a result, the IQ level of an average private school student is way higher than an average government school student. As the teachers are ignorant about the child’s future, they teach them without any motivation. As a result, the students in government schools are deprived of the basic necessities which are the necessary requirements of a good school environment. This is a serious matter which needs to be addressed by the government. Also, the batch size in government schools is quite high because of which the teacher is unable to focus on all the students.
On the other hand, private schools keep a complete check on the student’s education. They are focused on maintaining their rank as one of the most sought for schools when it comes to Board examinations. They keep a complete check of the teaching staff so that students have a stable and a healthy environment to study and score.


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