Climate change is affecting Ladakh in many ways such as increases and erratic rainfall decreased snowfall, diminishing glacier etc.
A global temperature rise it seem the monsoon clouds are able to club the great Himalayan in Ladakh barrier which hitherto stopped them and kept us on the rain shadow, there are many peoples of Ladakh who are putting every effort to find the solution of this issue the climate change condition and changing and its getting worsen.
There has been immensely development in every sector but the environment has been affected body and is becoming hard for every living being to dwell in for example, a country like chanic is facing massive problems because of pollution, in Ladakh region Kargil the snowfall has been reduced by 50% for the past 30 year.
Awareness programme amongst peoples is one prime time importance to act this issue of climatic change everyone should be sensitized about the climate change and its impact in Ladakh region. Every individual has to equal responsibility toward the environment we should courage other step by planting more trees motivating, organic farming, avoiding the use of pesticides and insecticides consuming more of healthy local food rather package food. Providing a better facility of public transport in another way to control pollution traffic mess saving of fuel Global warming can be describe as increase in the average temperature of the atmosphere oceans and landmasses of earth the rest of the heat back to the atmosphere some of the heat trapped by green house gases (GHGs) mostly carbon dioxide as carbon dioxide is related by various human activities it is rapidly increasing this is cause global warming the abrupt rise temperature has woollen all river and stream of Himalayan district in for enter Kargil.
Where the accumulate snow on high mountain slopes and valley are melting at alarming speed the increasing temperature and effect of global warming , the glacier are melting at very fast pace due to which rush of water can be seen in every stream and Nalla of Kargil.
There are some misconception about global warming some have opinion that industrial pollution is the only cause of global warming but the fact is that global warming us the result of burning fossil fuel coal and oil that release abundant quantities of (CO2) in our atmosphere.CO2 is thought to be responsible for almost 60% of the global warming trend even considering a margin of error a reduction in fossil fuel use will produce benefit beyond slowing the green house warming reduce energy cost reduced pollution emission and tanker spill. Society must consider the cost of reducing green house gases in compression to the benefits of avoiding some of the financial consequence of increase temperature the average surface temperature of earth is about 15degree Celsius(60 degree Celsius) over last century this aver4age has risen by about 0.5 Degree Celsius this temperature rise is expected to warm the oceans 15 cm flooding some region in warmer climate will receive more rainfall than before but soil will dry out faster between storm this soil desiccation may damage food crops disrupting and food supplies in some part of the world.


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