Rahul Gandhi never said signatories of letter were colluding with BJP: Azad

Rahul Gandhi never said signatories of letter were colluding with BJP: Azad


Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha and senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad clarified on Monday that Rahul Gandhi had never stated that those who wrote the letter to party chief Sonia Gandhi were colluding with or doing so at the behest of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

“Rahul Gandhi at no point of time inside the Congress Working Committee (CWC) or outside it has said that the signatories to the letter were doing it at the behest of the BJP. This is a totally wrong thing which has been attributed to Rahul Gandhi,” Azad told Hindustan Times.

“Secondly, what I said at the working committee meeting was that, unfortunately, most of the people have not seen the full text of the letter. Because in the leak, which is unfortunate, only some portions of the letter have come out. Without going into the full text of the letter, some of our Congress colleagues yesterday said that this was being done at the behest of the BJP. I have said that if any of those people and leaders will prove that it was done at the behest of the BJP, I will resign. In that context, I said that I will resign if they prove it and I did not ask Rahul Gandhi to prove that. I have not resigned,” he said.

In Monday’s CWC meeting, a Congress leader said Azad made it amply clear that the letter was not against Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi as “misconstrued” and alleged by some people.

For the past one month, the leader quoted Azad as having said, there were rumours doing the rounds that Rahul Gandhi does not want to come back as the Congress president at the moment and Sonia Gandhi does not want to continue as the party’s interim chief beyond August 10 when she completed one year term.

There were also suggestions that Sonia Gandhi might appoint somebody to the post and the letter was written in that context, he told the CWC.

Azad told the meeting that the letter was written to urge the Congress president to discuss and consult with them before appointing somebody to the post. Should a third person be appointed to the top post, he or she has to do certain things, such as, form the parliamentary board, be active and have collective leadership, he told the CWC.

Azad further said the letter was actually do’s and don’ts for the third person and that they should be consulted before appointing anybody as it was a big post. (HT)


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