Geelani’s family appeals media to not disseminate any information about Qaid without his political representative

Geelani’s family appeals media to not disseminate any information about Qaid without his political representative

Srinagar: Family of senior pro-freedom leader Syed Ali Geelani on Monday appealed media to not circulate any information without the authenticity of his political representative Abdullah Geelani and appealed people to give him some amount of relaxation and his family and added people will be updated regarding his health issues
A statement issued to KNS, said “Quaid-e-Mohtaram is in advanced age with multiple ailments. He needs round the clock medical as well as personal attention. Quaid throughout his life faced hardships, both physically and mentally, for his beliefs and convection. His recent health condition has stressed people especially his family. Therefore, it is time to give him some amount of relaxation and his family, a space to attend him in a better position at this critical juncture. Health condition of Quaid demands family to be careful, focused and attentive, more so amid the pandemic”.
“Quaid is a public and political figure and everyone reserves a right to be concerned about his personal as well as political status. The prime responsibility of his close family is to attend him. We will keep the people updated regarding his health and his representative, Abdullah Gilani, will respond and react to his political issues”, en e-mail issued by his family reads.
It also said, “Past few months have been very hard for all of us. On one hand we are busy dealing with his health condition and we have been consumed physically as well as mentally. On the other hand continuously dragging the family into his political affairs has taken a heavy toll on our personal as well as domestic life. It is unfortunate that people with vested interests have launched a vicious campaign to malign the stature of Quaid. Repeated and fabricated letters in his name, posts, comments and imaginary stories is disturbing him and affecting his health very badly. The unnecessary social media campaigns and hounding of family only adds to our already stressful life”.
Family members including Dr. Nayeem Geelani, Dr. Naseem Geelani (sons) and Zahoor-ul-Haq Geelani (son-in-law), in a statement urged all including those in media fraternity or otherwise not to circulate any information about his health, and similarly, any communication of political nature on his behalf without his representative’s authentication.
“We humbly request and appeal people to pray for speedy recovery and long life of Quaid i Mohataram”, statement said. (KNS)


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