Absence of platforms in Valley: Artists fail to showcase their talent

Absence of platforms in Valley: Artists fail to showcase their talent

Some humans can formulate thoughts and categorise them exactly and concisely. And possibly it’s proper that they do not want something from others who have long past earlier than them. So, if you are addicted to your ‘inspirational quote of the day’, then don’t pay a heed to anyone telling you that it is a fatuous habit. Nearly all splendid writers have used or have been stimulated with the ‘aid’ of different writers.

While the increase in the number of self-published authors emerging from the valley is often talked about, not much is said of the talents who have no stages or platforms to express themselves and their journey towards success. However, now, young budding artists from the valley are coming forward to showcase their talents into the public domain.

Over the past few years, several young writers and poets have been trying to work for art’s sake, to promote literature is what they’ve been doing so far-  Sheikh Saiqa, Aafiya Hameed, Sheikh Mahiruqh, Soliha Shabir and Babra Shah are few among them.

Sheikh Saiqa, the 23-year-old poetess and a writer as well, resides in Hyderpora and is doing her masters in Travel and tourism management in University of Kashmir.

“I was in 11th standard when I started to write, not on any social media platform but in that ‘TEENAGE LOCKED DIARY’. When I started to write I didn’t thought of writing any prose, quote or something like this, I just kept writing without keeping in mind about poetry or anything. I wrote my first ‘PROSE’ in 2012 as the farewell note for my seniors”, Saiqa told the Kashmir Glacier.

“It took me years in realising that my writings are  good enough to be shared with others, no matter how many likes I am going to get, my story shouldn’t be just in pages of my diary or somewhere deep down in Jehlum”, she added.

Another artist from Zanipora area of Shopain is Aafiya Hamid, the 30-year-old writer and an educator, started writing and sharing her articles in college days through the college magazines. Now shares and actively participates in the  Login Gender Newsletter WISCOMP which is a Delhi based online portal for educators and is an active member of the global magazine Litlight publications which is a literary platform created with the aim of inspiring budding writers thus utilizing her time in a productive way. She also is actively participating in various writing competitions organised by Litlight on weekly and monthly basis, she says.

Same goes with another budding writer, Sheikh Mahiruqh, a student of English literature, the 20-year-old enthusiastic writer from Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir.

“I am 20 and I started writing when I was 15. I ink out my chaos through my pen. I am a melancholic person and my writings are mostly fictitious, with tints of slight fictional romance”, she said, speaking to Kashmir Glacier.

“I am currently working on my anthology and I hope to be a published author soon”, she added.

One of her poems goes like:

“Wailing again in the lap of heavens

My abode is now turned into debris

I had just turned into a traitor

When I found my widowed land

My youth turned into feral wrinkles

What do you find in my sighs, O Tyrant? 

My mother’s nourishes blood 

Unwed sister is with her barren hands 

My skies are raining bullets

Spring blooms your new sword

The land turned into a boneyard

Where I buried my beloved

We have days of celebration to commemorate

We uphold the name of Kashmir as our sovereign 

We don’t behold shindig in our destiny

Tyranny is engraved on our brow

Every year the youths bleed 

Whose demise we have to mourn

Mothers lament with gaping tears

Fathers lead the funeral of sons.”

Another enthusiastic writer, from Dalgate Srinagar is Soliha Shabir, a BSC student at Islamia College Srinagar. The 22-year-old Author known for her book “Obsolete” that was published back in 2019, bought her to the public domain.

The book is a compilation of poems based on the real experience of the author .

“Fortunately, I’m a writer and accidentally an author and sometimes accidents prove to be life saving. Writing is my passion and portraying my heart out is the best i can do. Plus, my science field has never troubled my writing. I started writing since the age of 15 and with the uneven spills of ink i have become the best of myself and there’s yet to come. I published my debut book “In The Lawn of Dark” and after a gap of 3 months, my paperback “Obsolete” was out,” Soliha told Kashmir Glacier.

“Women are the backbone of society and before expressing themselves to the world, they need to prove themselves to their own selves,” she added.

She is currently working on her 3rd book and advises the other aspiring writers to write according to the need of time.

Another emerging writer, Babra Shah, the 26-year-old writer, has completed her masters in Social work from University of Kashmir, Srinagar.

Speaking to Kashmir Glacier, Babra said:

“Everyone out there has some hidden talent but there needs to be some external push or external motivation so that a person can explore that side of his/her personality. For me that motivation comes from my younger sister, who supported me with anything she could.

Here goes one her writings:

“She was immersed in searching the moon under the sombre sky when the night laced her arms around, taking her into deep slumber with dreams engraved in her heart coming true in the unreal world. That’s what all she wanted, to be in the solitude where the truth was untrue and life could hide from itself.

She was happy, cherishing these blissful moments until the night unwrapped her arms and the sun kissed her face, waking her up with an epiphany that nothing was as it seemed to be but still a ray of hope was gleaming in her eyes that someday somewhere these dreams will come true and will be cherished in the real world again.

Currently, she’s preparing for her NET exams and after that wants to take an admission for a PhD course.

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