Football Tournament At Sheerbugh Pattan Ends Up With an impressive theme “Sports In & Drugs Out”

Football Tournament At Sheerbugh Pattan Ends Up With an impressive theme “Sports In & Drugs Out”


Kirmaniya Fc Clinches title of the Tourney

Yaseen Shabaz Malik

Pattan : The final match of a football tourney at Sheerbugh Pattan ends with a splendid theme as the winner team holds up a banner Subjected as “Sports In & Drugs Out” that won hearts of thousands spectators .

The final match played between soccer FC United and Kirmaniya FC Batvina was witnessed by thousands of spectators from different vicinity of Pattan, who appreciated the players throughout the match.

Both the teams went for an all out attack in the match and made desperate attempts to score a goal ,
but no team could possibly score during the match. In the Second half, Kirmaniya FC missed several scoring opportunities & When the final whistle blew the final score line didn’t alter 0-0 in favour of both the teams.

In the first five panelties, Soccer FC United scored only 2 and saved 1, while as Kirmaniya FC Batvina scored 4 panelties and saved 2,The Goalkeeper whom spectators shout parera won ample hearts during the tournament, the spectators said and I quote we haven’t seen such an astonishing goalkeeper like him, such Keen and robust he proved, and in the final he saved two Panelty shootouts, with that they clinch the title.

The final match, Soccer FC United Vs Kirmaniya Fc Batvina, looked like the battle of the see-no-evil and the hear-no-evil monkeys, i couldn’t resist when a player missed the target to score a goal in the match, tears went splashed from my eyes, said a reek of batwina.

A spectator told the reporter that “How infused I was in the game that I didn’t even wanted to blink once to miss an event and that jiffy would have turned one as champion and the other as runner up”.

“To being a Champion & to facing the pressure of defending that championship, that conceptions killing us immensely” said a player of winning team.

But for all who were there, there was a giddiness to the moment, a sense of excitement at the possibilities being modeled before our eyes, a feeling we were witnessing the beginning of a curious addictive future of sports.

The theme was quite flabbergasting, as what they quote made them to be apple of ample eyes, how they represented themselves despite being from a far residence, how they used to stay supportive was virtually impeccable .(Kashmir Glacier)


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