Molvi arrested for solemnizing ‘nikkah’ of a minor girl in Central Kashmir

Molvi arrested for solemnizing ‘nikkah’ of a minor girl in Central Kashmir



Budgam, Aug 11: A cleric who allegedly solemnized the wedding of a minor girl, reportedly abducted by a man has been arrested by police on Tuesday in Central Kashmir’s Budgam district. Besides, ‘molvi’ and the ‘abductor’ 6 others have also been arrested for assisting the ‘abductor’.

All have been detained at police station Beerwah.
Sources told news agency KNT that a youth from Najan village of Beerwah had reportedly abducted a minor girl from adjacent Zanigam village.

The Family of the girl had approached police for help.
Sources said in the meantime, the abductor with the help of his friends and relatives availed the services of a cleric who hails from Sholipora village of Budgam and he allegedly solemnized the ‘Nikkah’ of the girl, despite her being the minor.

Police arrested all the accused including ‘Molvi’ and the ‘abductor’ and handed over the abducted minor girl to the Child Welfare Committee for counseling.

A police official confirmed this incident to KNT saying a formal case has been registered against all the 8 accused. (KNT)


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