City of Templex turns into Toll Plaza city in BJP Rule:D S Ranotra

City of Templex turns into Toll Plaza city in BJP Rule:D S Ranotra


Jammu, Aug 09, 2020:Social Activist D S Ranotra said that our City of Temples Jammu shamefully turned into City of Toll Plazas in the rule of the same political party those who were against the toll plaza in samba jammu. Their gang destroyed the same in the rule of congress and now they implemented the same.

He also added that jammu is having very less tourism and after the load of Lakhanpur Toll Plaza, Nagrota Toll Plaza, Nashri Toll Plaza and recently gifted one more burden on tourism and other essential services at Samba Jammu which is known as SAMBA TOLL PLAZA working under gangster style.

He said installation of toll plaza at samba is wrong moreover the rates are like you purchasing a butter chicken. And roads are like mess, not even properly maintained, tarcoal is like a mess in hot summer.

On other hand he strongly condemned that leverage is provided by BJP to Kashmiris as only one toll is situated at lower munda. Why there is not another toll plaza, which means BJP is either afraid of Kashmiris or providing them leverages for the sake of vote bank. And in jammu they play sentiment cards with jammuities and play Hinduism for the sake of their vote bank by providing toll… toll and toll burden on jammuities.

Moreover viral news on social media that Akhnoor is also to be gifted with one more toll plaza which means one more burden on jammu and their daily needs.

He also added that where is now BJP State president so called Ravinder Raina Ji who always said that ‘TOLL PLAZA Puti Sutna’ why he is sitting ideal or one can understand it’s a Toll Mafia in jammu after land mafia with the support of BJP rulers.

Social Activist DS Ranotra demanded immediate removal of Samba Toll Plaza and also demanded not to install another toll in the city of Jammu as we heard news of Akhnoor Toll Plaza.

He also stated that BJP fails in Jammu and Kashmir and they indulge with such mafias which are not right for the youth of Jammu and future coming elections.


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