MC Anantnag premises turn into public parking; patients, attendants, staff members suffer

MC Anantnag premises turn into public parking; patients, attendants, staff members suffer

We will soon issue tenders for parking, says Principal

SRINAGAR, August 8: The premises of Government Medical College at Janglat Mandi Anantnag have turned into public parking without any check by the authorities.
Mirza Mohammad Afzal Beigh Memorial District Hospital Anantnag was converted into a Medical College in 2018.
After which the authorities issued a tender for parking which generated revenue of Rs 7 lakh 11 thousand to the hospital in one year.
However, since March 2019, no tender has been sought for the parking, resulting in all the shopkeepers in the radius of two kilometers parking their vehicles inside its premises.
“There is a huge land available. Everyone is parking his or her vehicle here as they don’t have to pay any charge. Even people who come to Janglat Mandi for shopping park their vehicles here,” an official of GMC Anantnag told news agency Kashmir Indepth News Service (KINS).
The official said there should be some check who is parking vehicles here. “It becomes difficult for the staff to park vehicles as there hardly remains any space available. Even many times, emergency patients are being carried on stretchers from the main gate as vehicles are randomly parked here,” the official said.
Another official said, “Had there been paid parking then very less people would have parked their vehicles here. Even shopkeepers two kilometers from here are parking their vehicles inside the premises of the hospital.”
Principal Government Medical College Anantnag Dr Showkat Jeelani admitted they could not issue tenders for parking since 2019.
“Yes lots of people are parking their vehicles here. We are very soon issuing tenders for the parking. We will also paste stickers on vehicles of staff members so they could be identified,” he told KINS.(KINS)

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