India stabs Pakistan with ‘D-company’ dagger in fresh FATF appeal at UNSC

India stabs Pakistan with ‘D-company’ dagger in fresh FATF appeal at UNSC

New Delhi: With the FATF blade hanging on Pakistan, India on Friday increased its pressure on the neighbouring country by citing the D-company matter at the United Nation Security Council (UNSC), and appealed to the global watchdog to help combat terror funding with enhanced coordination with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).
“India has been a victim of terrorism sponsored from across our border. We experienced first-hand cruel linkage between transnational organised crime and terrorism,” India said at the High-Level Open Debate of the UN Security Council on Friday.
Calling the Dawood Ibrahim-run ‘D-company’ an “organised crime syndicate”, India said that the drug lord and the country’s most-wanted terror fugitive smuggled gold and perpetrated bomb blasts in Mumbai that led to the deaths of more than 250 people.
“An organized crime syndicate – D-Company – that used to smuggle gold and counterfeit currencies transformed into a terrorist entity overnight causing a series of bomb blasts in Mumbai in 1993. It resulted in the loss of more than 250 innocent lives,” the Indian delegates said.

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