UN discusses Kashmir for 3rd time since centre scraps special status

UN discusses Kashmir for 3rd time since centre scraps special status

United Nation: The United Nations Security Council discussed Kashmir at Pakistan’s request Wednesday for the third time since the central government revoked the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and divided it into two union territories, Associated Press reported
However, the U.N  body did not take any action or issue a statement after the virtual meeting behind closed doors.
Nonetheless, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said afterward that holding the meeting signified “that Jammu and Kashmir is an international dispute firmly on the agenda of the Security Council and has nullified, yet another time, the Indian self-serving claim that it is an ‘internal matter.’”
Mr. Qureshi said in remarks circulated by Pakistan’s U.N. Mission that the international community “should exercise its moral, legal and political authority to call out India to reverse the tide of impunity and stop genocide of the Kashmiri people.”
He urged India to reverse its unilateral actions, stop human rights and cease-fire violations, remove restrictions on communications, movement and peaceful assembly and immediately release Kashmir’s leaders.
The Pakistani minister expressed gratitude to the 15 Security Council members, especially China, for their support in organizing the meeting in the face of India’s “desperate attempts to prevent this discussion.” When it went ahead, Mr. Qureshi said India tried “to minimize the importance and significance of the meeting.”
India’s new U.N. Ambassador T.S. Tirumurti tweeted after the meeting: “Another attempt by Pakistan fails!”
“In today’s meeting of UN Security Council which was closed, informal, not recorded and without any outcome, almost all countries underlined that J-K (Jammu and Kashmir) was bilateral issue & did not deserve time and attention of Council,” he wrote.


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