Traits Of A Great Leader

Traits Of A Great Leader

A great leader in action is made of many Uniques traits which are not generally found in common persons. He has certain capabilities and qualities which raise him very high when compared with lower level of leadership. He has the unique distinction of having certain superior qualities which attract others like magnet toward him just like a magnet attracts iron. This in turn brings obedience and request from others and his followers.

Following are the traits and qualities which are required to be attained by great political leader:-
Well Qualified: In the present era of Science and Technology a leader must be super intelligent . Since no one can deny the fact that Education creats all sort of values , abilities, capabilities and qullalitie required to lead a happy and prosperuous life. For a leader to be most competent he must be well qualified and extraordinary intelligent.He must have understanding power , motivation power , convincing power , satisfying power and more ability than all other persons falling in his constituency .Since when a leader will be elected as MLA and thereafter an Hon’ble Mimister then KAS/IAS will have to work in the department of which he will be a Minister thus he will be required to write, to check note on files , to read and understand and then accord approval. Thus for being competent at this stage he must have full command over writing, dictation , drafting and understanding .A leader must be competent in writing and drafting from the point of view that when he is deputed to other States/UTS/ Contries in order to see the methods , trends and pace of development applicable there in different deparments then after his vist he must have to prepare such an appropriate report for submission to his respective that such report will be prepared like an important document viz SRo(now S.O) which would be used by the Govt.for years in future for making development.
He must have more tolerance and patience so that he would be able to give patience hearing even to negative minded people’s of his constituency. These are two important values required to deal with public for the satisfaction of General public. He must be good speaker having good ability to speak and equal ability to listen. He must have full knowledge of various development Schemes launched by various departments of UT/Country also various schemes for the benefits of different benefitieries launched by different departments from time to time. He must be expert in rules/ knowledge and codal formalities required to be observed for determining the eligibility of various benefitieries of his constituency for various benefits/schemes.He must be expert in Executive and Judiciary Laws/rules , recruitment Rules so that he must be able to get the justice done with some candidate in his selection for any post at the time of need or with the peoples of his constituency indifferent matters pertaining to Executive or Judiciary. He must be expert in Accounts , Budget formation and planning so that he would be able to check budget of department under control of his Ministry and would also be able to conduct audit of department if required.If he would be expert in planning then most appropriate and maximum possible budget will be prepared that of the Department under the control of his Ministry or for the development of his constituency because while preparing budget due care would be taken by the concerned that no deficiency would be pointed out by the Hon’ble Minister sahib at the time of checking or approval of such Budget.
He must always try to do Justice with every person of his constituency ir-respective of economic status (rich, poor),cost, creed , race , Sect or religion. He must do so like Sun which provide equal light to all the mankind ir-respective of any thing . Second example can be given that of rose which gives similar smell to all rich, poor, good, bad , friend or enemy . He must give benefits to all like that a fruit giving tree whose fruits can be eaten by any one ir-respective of any difference. He must be able to do Justice with all the people’s of his constituency on the analogy of Sun , rose and fruit giving tree .
He must be expert in giving instructions to officials/officers of department under his control or workers of his constituency. He must be sufficient competent to take every situation under his control in order to resolve it.He must have full knowledge of various principles of democracy. A successful leader must have a sound philosophy which should serve as a basis for the development of all the peoples of his constituency. He must share responsibilities among various workers of his constituency or among officers of department under his control for playing positive role of all for the development. He must have ability to resolve the differences among his workers or the voter/supporters so as to keep all unite at one platform. He must have ability to translate group decision of his workers and voters in to actions.He must be a man of integrity and man of character
Those who knows the ways
Goes the ways
And Shows the ways.
He must have a sense of humour so that most tense situation could be saved with such a sense of humour.He must have a scientific attitude which consists of observing correctly, drawing valid conclusion from the given facts and then making sound generalisisation.
He must have quality of free mixing with others. He must have good Judgement, sound imagination, sympathetic and democratic attitudes , flexible attitudes and open kindness.
He must be honest and stateforward . If he is honest and have ethical behaviour as ey value then his team will follow him and in this way whole constituency will get a team of honest persons . He must have ability to lead in any situation. He must always look for constructive solution of every problem. He must always work for the future of Nation but not for his vote Bank. He must always have strong idea for redressal of various problem.He must not have greed of amassing wealth and must be cherisher of the poor and downtrodden families.He must have a good memory to remember the name of various persons of his constituency or demands projected by such persons.
One thing important worth mentioning here is that when a leader will be enough competent and efficient then need will not arise him to criticise official/officers or his workers rather he will teach, guide , inspire and appreciate them all for hard work . He will do so with love and affection by using the talent blessed to him by Almighty. In this way all official/officers or workers will get encouraged to work with more satisfaction under his abled guidance with dedication and devotion. when his efficiency and competency will be known to all officers then they will also remain mentally prepared for performing their duties honestly.
A leader blessed by Almighty for serving the society and Nation can have many hidden traits or qualities , abilities and capacities than the discussed above in this Article which makes it apparent clear that the only trait of delievering good speech in the gathering of a thousand or more people is not enough to become a competent leader. Moreover purpose is also to apprise all the Educated and well qualified persons about such traits of a good leader for their consideration and further necessary action at the time of need.


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