Covid-19: The pandemic conveyed a learning experience for all

Covid-19: The pandemic conveyed a learning experience for all

Asif Bashir Rather & Abida Akbar

The COVID-19 has spread around the world, posing a serious threat to the health, economy and stability of countries around the World. You may have heard a lot about the COVID_19 in the last few months. The virus has affected people more than any other disease or disaster, forcing them to stay at home. People need to be isolated and avoid physical contact to control the virus, so people have turned to social media to maintain relationships, spend time and access entertainment.
The Corona virus has infected about 196 countries around the world. The WHO has declared it a global epidemic and issued instructions to the world to prevent it. Major cities in the world have been locked down and educational activities, shopping malls and public and private offices have been closed. While the negative effects of the corona virus have been seen all over the world, there have also been some positive effects of the corona virus that could be beneficial to the world economy.
No doubt covid19 has so many deadly effects but on the other hand there are some of the amazing benefits of this fatal disease, which we will never realise until the this hard time is gone, this fatal disease made us realise that how wrong we are at our food, hygiene, way of making food , there are some set of the peoples who went against nature , as it’s said to each and every action there is opposite and equal reaction that is what we got , we violated the nature laws that were made to be followed , we didn’t keep any sequence, we kept on destroying nature laws, now nature is making right all those mistakes that we made either intentionally or unintentionally,
This lockdown is going to make us learn a lot which we could never learn if this hadn’t happened, for example due to this lockdown no one is allowed to leave home, ride cars, go for hang out, this is what is creating less air pollution, now we are spending most of our precious time on most important person that actually deserved it, we are knowing our family members more closely, this lockdown made us feel that how wrong we were at our perceptions regarding our family members. If we will clearly look in this Situation, some positive concepts due to COVID-19 also comes up from this filed.
No doubt COVID-19 has most affected the education system but still there are those students who were not familiar with their self-capabilities but lockdown has made it possible for those students to come to know their power, their capabilities and self-confidence that they even crack any exams like NEET, JEE at the rate of their self-power provided there should be some oral material like books.
Deaths, economic turmoil and worldwide lockdowns are just some of the effects of the Corona virus that are troubling everyone. But the outbreak of the epidemic has also brought about some changes that are pleasing to the world and much needed. Along with the negative effects of the corona virus in world. There have also been some positive effects that are welcome. Let’s take a look at some of them.
This recent epidemic is on the one hand benefiting the whole world. The disease has now killed more than 300,000 people worldwide. But on the other hand, it is also emerging as the greatest benefactor of the earth and humanity. Due to this virus, the pollution level of the planet has come down by 5%. And now if one stands on the moon and looks at the earth, one can see the seven continents without the help of a telescope. Epidemic and Lockdown took the man into the nineteenth century. The air is clear and the smell of greenish is back in the air. Tea houses, restaurants and wine shops were closed and people started eating home-cooked food. The two things happened during this lockdown. We also had the stress of offices and other works on our minds. Believe it or not, we were under pressure every day. The COVID_19 takes us out of work and office stress, and bring us closer to other human being. The second social psyche had taken us away from charity and welfare. Man had gone away from the pain of man. And the fact is that when a person becomes the mother of another person, his power increases. It gets a person stronger on the inside.
Air pollution from aircraft flights has also been significantly reduced, and factory shutdowns have also reduced carbon dioxide emissions. It should be noted that due to the Corona epidemic, business around the world has come to an end, due to which industry, transport and other sources of smoke have been shut down.
Corona virus has shut down industrial activities in various parts of the world, which has led to a drop in demand for petrol products, which has led to a reduction in global petrol prices. Industries in countries affected by the corona virus have been shut down and public transport banned, leading to a significant reduction in air pollution. Opportunity to work from home; In countries infected with the corona virus, public and private offices have given their employees the opportunity to do their office work from home so that they can stay safe in their own homes. They are also learning new technologies.
About a third of the world’s population is locked in their homes due to the coronavirus. All of this results in less use of petroleum products, which also benefits the environment
Reduction in pollution, Because of the corona virus, industries are closed and vehicles are missing from the roads. As a result, pollution around the world is declining significantly and the air quality index of the most polluted citizens is improving.

The writers are pursuing Master’s in Journalism at Central University of Kashmir


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