Why “Boycott china” Is a failed slogan?

Why “Boycott china” Is a failed slogan?

It has been almost more than 2 months since India and China have locked horns with each other over border issues. On 15th june, both the armies entered into a serious battlefield at Galwan valley killing each other with the tools of Neolithic age. During the standoff, as per Indian media, at least 20 Indian soldiers were killed and more than 75 soldiers received minor and major injuries.The Galwan standoff fuelled anger in india.irked by chinese actions, Govt. as well as people warned china of stiff consequences. To counter china, indian govt and people altogether started ‘Boycott China’ campaign.This slogan received tremendous support from every nook and corner of india. From Ladakh to Uttar pradesh, people appreciated this pro-national move. Netizens started Anti-china campaign by trolling china and it’s goods and products.Even Though the call received overwhelmed support,ground realities didn’t garner much support as some experts were apprehensive of negative impact on india,it’s people and it’s economy, although alienating china is a good option to counter it’s unprecedented power, but could india afford a total trade-war with china? The answer is simply a big “NO” and here is why?
China is world’s 2nd largest economic power after U.S and is supposed to even surpass U.S economy in coming years. In 2018, U.S.A declared a trade-war with china. During this war,as per estimates,the total GDP of U.S contracted by 1%.Despite being the most powerful economy of the world,it couldn’t continue the trade-war and ultimately withdrew it in January 2020.In case india also goes ahead with this trade-war rhetoric call with china, it would mean a big loss for india.
During 2018-19, China imported products worth 70 Billion dollars to india while as India’s exports to china standed at only 16 Billion dollars.The huge trade deficit of 54 Billion dollars proves that how much dependent India is on china. India exports 75% of its total electronic gadgets and 70% of its pharmaceutical products from china.Also there are many companies investing in india, providing employment to a large number of indian people, in case India decides to initiate a trade-war with china,the already soared rate of unemployment could further go up creating crisis situation in the country, this would also mean that 800000 Indians working in china could be fired from their professions and making them workless.
In a nutshell, india must explore better ways other than Boycotting china to tackle the dragon,otherwise this slogan will be equivalent to adding last nail in the coffin as India’s economy is already in shambles.


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