When Young People take Old Age Pension!!!!

When Young People take Old Age Pension!!!!

The fragmented societal setup has different economic strata. The disadvantageous sections of society like orphans,widows,destitute etc are part & parcel of our fragmented society. There are different institutions like Baitul-Malls,Orphanages,NGOs & government agencies, who are helping these economically weaker sections. The social welfare department of government is also having various centrally sponsored schemes for their welfare. But these centrally sponsored schemes are not implemented in their true letter & spirit.
Firstly, Social Welfare department is offering old age pension of Rs 1000 per month under one of its schemes. Although this scheme benefits thousands of beneficiaries across the length & breadth of the state. But there are certain serious loophooles with respect to its ground implementation. The beneficiaries are supposed to produce Aadhaar cards at the time of their induction into this scheme. Their DOB is documented & recorded according to their Aadhaar card without any physical or medical verification. It is a well established fact that, the Aadhaar card details are not reliable & authentic especially the DOB of beneficiaries. With the result, a reasonable section of young masses in their fifties are drawing old age pension, because their DOB is grossly incorrect as per Aadhaar card details.
Secondly, the previous political regimes have shaken the vision & motive of social welfare schemes in every district of state. Their are reliable reports, that government employees & pensioners are also drawing old age pension of social welfare department.The schemes, which are meant for widows & destitute are used as cannon fodder for reaping political fortunes.The political mainstream of our state has sucked the blood from every institution for their narrow political ends.
Thirdly, whenever any widow r destitute dies, her pension goes credited without any intervention. That clearly means, there is no system in place to identify,record & stop pension of these deceased people. The tax payers money is being credited into A/cs of deceased persons uninterruptedly. This is a serious technical loophool, which is wasting money of state exchequer.
Lastly, the moot point is, that Social Welfare department should reshape its priorities & initiate a process of transparency into its system. There is an urgent need of an independent audit, which will address technical loophooles of different schemes especially with respect to Aadhaar Card details. Social welfare department in consultation with different banks should identify deceased accounts, so that their pension will be stopped with immediate effect. Better late than never.


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