Social Boycott Taboo Needs a Change

Social Boycott Taboo Needs a Change

We all know that coronavirus has made our lives difficult in one way or another it has affected us directly and indirectly, But with all the anxiety and stress that it has levied upon us, there is a stigma related to it, a stigma so strong that it has now become difficult for the patients who are detected with Covid-19 to live a normal life by fixing the things up in life.
Nowadays, in our society whenever we hear a certain person in our neighbourhood or from our friends is coronavirus positive, our first response is to completely avoid the person and his/her family and we go talking about all this stuff until there is a social boycott of them, We don’t go near them, we don’t go check on them, or help them out instead we keep our distance, make them look like a culprit as if they did some great sin which cannot be redeemed. Despite knowing the fact that it is a threat to their lives and this disease might have already taken a toll on their mental health as well we contribute to the issues rather than helping them out and trying to make their life easier we cut off the ties and make them feel isolated. We look at them like they are some aliens, we don’t let their family persons come into our houses or even treat them worse in their very own house even when they are not positive for it, even when only one person from the family is corona positive we still treat the whole family as if they are all corona positive, and we treat them so bad that they start to feel bad about their place in society and life in general. And then we even gossip about them as if they some sort of disgusting entertainment topic for us.
Instead of being humane and treating them with kindness at the time where they need it the most we isolate them, make them feel like they can never be a part of the society as they used to be, we make them worthless and guilty just because they were infected by an unfortunate virus that is actually spreading across all over the world, but what we don’t realise is the fact that we are no exceptions to it either, we can be infected with the same disease and tomorrow we might be treated the same way they are being treated right now, we might be even more depressed then thinking how bad we reacted to these patients or their families, and then we might regret every single action and every single word that we have said and done to them, so put yourself in their shoes, see how far you can take the blame and be hurt for something that was not even your fault in the first place. It is just an unfortunate turn of events that they got infected with this disease. So in thistough times I am just requesting everyone to be kind and help these patients to heal and if you cannot do that, at least don’t make their lives miserable.


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