Reform A Society! How And Why

Reform A Society! How And Why

Time goes on, society is changing. The modern technology is on the rise, on the other hand, the younger generation is deteriorating day by day. You and I, including the media, are responsible for this mess. We do not take any practical steps for the betterment of the society. We are the best judge for others and the best lawyer for ourselves. On others, we immediately decide to be infidels, miscreants or miscreants and try our best to defend ourselves by presenting thousands of interpretations and arguments for our small and big mistakes.
The only thing we do to improve society is to advise others. We do our best to give good advice to others. They forget to follow this advice themselves. Action is more effective than words. Reform of society begins with our own caste. Correction will come from your actions, not from your words. People don’t see what you are saying. People pay more attention to what you are doing.
First of all, try to improve yourself. Unless you are good yourself, you cannot be good to others. If each works to improve our caste, our whole society will improve. The Almighty says, “Protect yourself and your family from the fire.” First he was ordered to save himself, then others were told to save. Consider the evil that you see in others, even if it is not present in you. If God willing, remove it first of us only
For example, if you see someone lying, someone is disobeying their parents, they are not treating their children with compassion, then instead of cursing them, first ask your conscience and say that all this is not in me. If so, get rid of it first. Your correction is also very important because the environment plays a big role in the child’s upbringing. If you lie, don’t pray, break God’s commandments, don’t follow rules and regulations, you can never tell your child to do all this. Your child will follow in your footsteps
The child observes the movements of the people around him and then tries to put them into action. You may have seen in the house where the mother is praying with restraint, the child sees his mother bowing and prostrating in a certain way while praying, then there comes a time when he finds this movement of his mother impressive. He stands next to his mother and looks at her again and again with his head bowed, how he tied his hands, when she bows and prostrates, when and how she sits. The child repeats the same thing with her. Involuntarily, the importance of prayer comes to his mind and the habit of prayer becomes strong from childhood
On the contrary, when the child grows up in an environment where there is always shouting, fighting, gossip, beatings or singing, dance parties, distance from religion, the child will become accustomed to all these things. Even if you explain to him that all this is wrong, he will do what he has seen happen in practice. It is not necessary that only pious children grow up in pious families, nor is it necessary that atheists, sinners, transgressors and immoral people Only infidels are born in a person’s house
Likewise, the environment does not necessarily influence your actions. It is also a matter of ability, who has the ability to accept the truth. If one’s error is destined, no power in the universe can guide him. Nevertheless, we have to attract others by following the truth, because our job is to try, not to give guidance, it is God’s job. The Almighty also says, “You cannot guide whom you will, but Allah guides whom He wills.” In the same way, you do not have the power to impose your words on others by force. Allah Almighty says, “You have not been made a custodian over them.” Rather, you have to become a scholarly commentary on the Qur’an.
That is, speak kindly to the people. Whether someone agrees with you or not, you act, you don’t back down. God has given each of us the ability to think and understand. Some have less and some have more. It is now up to us how we can harness this potential. To what extent can we use it positively or negatively? For the betterment of the society, we have to work with the same wisdom, tolerance and wisdom. We have to understand for ourselves what the environment around us is like. How do we adjust ourselves?
As a Muslim, it is the responsibility of every Muslim to reform the society, as stated earlier, so it is necessary for a Muslim at this stage of thought, as he likes for himself, to have both his world and the hereafter as ideal. That he should think the same way, especially for other Muslims and other human beings in general, and strive for its practical application, on the basis of which he can be called a useful member of society in the eyes of Islam, any useful and legitimate life. Belonging to the sector, while living in it, he can put in the best effort for the betterment of himself and the society. Here, society refers not only to Muslim society, but also from a religious point of view.
Considering that these three methods of social reform have in fact encompassed the requirements of every age till the Day of Judgment. The first way is to prevent evil by hand, which means to wage a jihad against evil by force and authority. Its social status includes constitutional, social, economic, political and geographical aspects as well as national and international laws.
The second way is to prevent evil with the tongue. An important point to keep in mind here is that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used the most comprehensive phrase for him, “Fali-Ghairah”, from which a more appropriate and comprehensive word is not possible. This means that “he should turn evil into good with the help of his tongue”, which makes it clear that evil cannot be eradicated from the world, but that this attraction of good and evil will continue till the Day of Resurrection.
Then in the end there is the strongest level of faith, that is, to consider evil in the heart as evil. What is meant by evil here is not only to consider the evils of others as evil, but also to consider one’s own evils as evil with them. If a person, knowing his evil as evil, abstains from it, then the society will automatically become free from evils. The result of all these three methods mentioned by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is to reform the society in any case, provided that one or the other aspect of wisdom and good advice works in the reform of the society.

May God help us to realize our responsibilities. Amen
Author is persuing masters in convergent journalism at central university of Kashmir at Ganderbal


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