Laws Of Nature Key To Prosperious Life

Laws Of Nature Key To Prosperious Life

In order to get any thing rightful from the infinite treasure of Almighty it is necessary to understand properly the Laws of Nature . These laws must be followed in letter and spirit in order to lead a happy and prosperous life.
Mankind and Universe were created by Almighty and similar laws had been framed for existence of both. The difference was that in the Universe laws of Nature had been enforced by Almighty with single order and will remain in force forever but mankind have been given a glorious mind by Almighty having excellent thinking power so that mankind will understand the use and importance of these Laws of Nature which are necessary for the existence and development of peaceful Society.
In the space there are numerous stars which have been revolving on their respective orbits with a fast and fixed speed and even a single star does not come in the ways of others or interrupt the path of other under any circumstances . There are no any conflict of any kind among stars who do not have glorious mind like mankind. Similarly if mankind would consider the fact that the sun rises and set on every day at fixed times. It give light to all the thing in the Universe especially to mankind ir-respective of cast , creed , colour , race, Sect , religion, rich or poor etc. In fact it supplied light to every one .
All the seasons change on fixed time , flowers and fruits grow in the plants at the appropriate time fixed by nature. There are also plants on which no fruits grow . These fruit less plants have not any kind of bad thinking or objections for fruits giving plants not any fruits giving plants challenge the kind of fruit that grows on other plants . There are some plants which give very sweet fruits , some give medium and some sore fruits but none among the plants raise objection against others in any way . All such plants will follow the Laws of nature till end of universe. If mankind will thinks about aforementioned qualities of stars and plants then mankind will certainly learn a great lesson from both.
Now if we will examine the division of Almighty among mankind who have been blessed by a glorious mind with the help of which division of Almighty can be understood properly . Almighty has created every thing in this universe for the use of mankind. Almighty has created different men and women with different thinking and decision making powers .Among them those are lucky who understand the fact that wealth , knowledge ,ability, beauty etc are blessed by Almighty as per his will and desire. If we shall take a village , Tehsil or District then we shall observe that no two men or women have similar shape or face . If mankind will consider this fact only then there is also a great lesson for them . This indicates that in the population of lakhs all the men and women have different shapes of faces .If we shall consider an other aspect viz if a hundred students seek admission in LKG/ UKG or in first primary Class . After imparting quality Education to them if we shall conduct their test oral or written then we shall find that all the candidates will secure different marks despite the fact that all have been taught by same teachers by applying same methods of teaching. This proves that abilities , efficiencies and capabilities have also been blessed by Almighty Allaha .Right in the same manner wealth , knowledge , skill, virtues and art etc are also blessed by Almighty .
If we shall examine the religious principles then every human being is under obligation to help others in right full matters in a right manner but no one can do any such thing which may give any harm or loss to other(s). If we will compare laws of nature and religious principles then laws of Nature are more strict than religious principles but latter prepare a person for following laws of Nature so that concerned may be able to get maximum benefits from the Treasure of Almighty.
Whenever Almighty blesses a person with skill , Art , ability or a beautiful cadre or Almighty blesses with good thinking for some good work then naturally his thinking style changes, his efficiency increases and he starts working hard , a more beautiful goal is selected automatically for him by his parents and in this way situation becomes conducive for him for achieving such a beautiful goal. His thinking changes day by day which enables him to proceed ahead towards such a beautiful goal. He prepares a most suitable time table which suits to the whole situation and every thing becomes suitable automatically . when he needs help or advice of others some natural arrangements are made for him by Almighty.As such thinking or sense for hard effort required for achieving such a beautiful goal is created automatically by the nature in his mind . There are examples of many persons in this universe who have been blessed by Almighty with a more beautiful goal more than their desire. If we shall study their life history we shall find that they have fixed a less beautiful goal for themselves but have been blessed by Almoghty with more ones. There are many examples of person who have fixed their goal to become Doctor or Engineer but Almighty Allaha blessed them with IAS cadre . when they were posted as District Magistrate they have performed examplary duties in an excellent manner which gave a lot of benefits to the society and they shall be remembered for many years .Similarly there are many examples of persons who have fixed their aims to become teacher but Almighty blessed them the cadre of 10+2 Lecturer or Assistant professor . All these were the persons whose parents or Ancessestors have followed laws of Nature that is why Almighty blessed them in one way or the other.
So many peoples in the society qurell over minor land disputes but if we shall dig earth then we shall find that there will be no corn under the earth .Similarly if we shall cut a fruit growing plant we shall find no fruit inside it. Despite this all corn grows from the earth and plant give fruits. This is all due to blessing of Almighty . If mankind will think about many living thing around them then they will learn great lessons from all such things.
It is very unfortunate that when some one is blessed by Almighty Allaha and he starts living a happy and prosperous life, we start ill-thinking about such persons . No doubt our thinking will have no affect on his wealth or healt but unfortunately we waste our precious time and energy in this futile exercise . It would have been far better for all of us that we shall utilise our precious time and energy in praying Almighty for getting some thing better for us from the infinite treasue of Almighty Allaha but this all would be possible only if we would have some good values like good thinking for all others ,tolerance, patience, humility, sincerity,submissiveness,modesty and honesty etc.
Now I think necessary to mention here that before blessing with a beautiful goal , Almighty Allah blesses a person with Education where in a congenial atmosphere had been created by Allaha which enabled us for acquiring quality Education. Thereafter Almighty blesses with a beautiful cadre so that one must be able to serve the society or mankind sincerely and honestly which is also a best kind of prayer . What an excellent writing of some writer: ” if you are successful in your profession it is not necessary that you may give corn or wealth to the society but at least you may churn out good number of successful persons like yourself for serving the society in an efficient manner.” The discussion does not come to end here, a person blessed by Almighty with efficiency can churn out persons with Art, skill or technical hands and experienced persons like himself for serving the society if he may use all of his talent and ability in an honest manner and this all shall give a lot of benefits to society in one form or the other.
It is the education which makes a person eligible for getting a beautiful cadre and in serving on such cadre a person earns a rightful handsome salary . when all the earnings of a person is Right full only then his all sort of prayers or charity will be acceptable to Almighty Allaha. This prove that it is bcause of Education that a person get an opportunity of getting a beautiful cadre or goal and thereafter earns a handsome salary. Thus it has been proved that Education is a most pious wealth and one would be able to acquire this pious wealth if he would posses qualities like humility, submissiveness , entreaty, modesty, honesty , politeness and justice etc .when a person will have these qualities then his ability ,capacity thinking and decision making power will increase and he will proceed ahead towards a beautiful goal and a time will come that he will achieve such a beautiful goal.
Now it also necessary that such things may also be focussed here which restrains a person from achieving some thing good or a beautiful goal .These includes anger, ill-thinking , jealousy, envy, parsimony and malice intansion etc . If a person does not try to get from infinite treasure of Almighty and thinks adversely about those who have been blessed by Almighty then he is wasting his precious time. It is mandatory to mention here that there will be no affect of ill- thinking of a person on those who have been blessed by Almighty because no one can compete the supper power omnipotent and Omniscient and latters have been blessed due to grace of Allaha when some of his good qualities and deeds were liked by Almighty. Even a single quality is sufficient for getting from the treasue of Allaha but it can not be known by any one that which can be the such quality which will be liked by Allaha but every one must try to abstain from such thinking which must not give any benefit to them.
In the end through the medium of this Article I want to convey to the whole society and Nation especially to all the educated youth/ persons through the medium of this Article to kindly make aware all the mankind about the Laws of Nature and help them in proper understanding of these Laws so that every one may try to get from the infinite treasure of Almighty Allaha for leading a happy and prosperous life and in this way there will be a complete peace in the society and thus our Village, Tehsil , District , UT and then County will progress and consequently we all shall get a chances of leading happy and prosperous life and every one who will guide the mankind in a rightfull manner will get rewards from Almighty for all this.


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