Community Class better than Online Classes during This Pandemic

Community Class better than Online Classes during This Pandemic

In 21st century when whole world is looking forward to give emphasis on e-learning and shifting almost everything from manual to digital platforms, the students of Jammu and Kashmir are facing immense hardships even to get better internet connectivity which is affecting their education badly. They’re not able to read online and take part in online classes properly due to crawling internet speed.
Since the outbreak of Coronavirus in Jammu and Kashmir in March this year, the government ordered closure of all educational institutions from primary level upto university level in view of Pandemic. Alternatively students were asked to attend online classes through different digital platforms i.e Zoom, Google Classrooms, Youtube etc. and this step was welcomed by every students as they were of opinion that their education won’t get affected and was hugely appreciated by parents. But the crawling internet speed became biggest hurdle in their way and it was a big hit for students.
The students couldn’t go to schools or colleges because of Lockdown and were somehow managing to attend the online lectures/classes of their teachers on crawling internet speed which mostly they were not able to understand was also affecting them badly. Alternatively the teachers started sending assignments to students or their parents via WhatsApp messenger and students use to write/prepare that but the question remains who will teach them or make them understand every word. It seems like schools are doing just a formality to show that they are giving education to their wards and completing the syllabus.
High-Speed or 4G internet connectivity is the need of hour so that our students can study well and can take part in competitive exams but due to crawling (2G) internet connectivity our students are not able to study well and its affecting the career of our students very badly.
It is to mention that the internet connectivity in Jammu and Kashmir was snapped on 5th August last year after the abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35(A) by Central Government and only Low-Speed (2G) internet connectivity was restored in February this year.
When the students as young as 10 year old found no other option they started taking online classes and remain stick to the smartphones for 3-4 hours daily and its affecting their eyes and overall mental health badly. The children need to breathe in free air which is better for their overall development. We can’t make them sit on smartphones for hours.
The schools even J&K administration has failed to address this serious issue as the students who live in area where have not internet connectivity or Not able to get Online classes. They are not finding an alternative to give better environment to the students live in these area so that they can study. The J&K Administration have not made any Roadmaps for the students live in Farflang area in Jammu and Kashmir.
The government as well as schools can start the initiative of conducting community classes at local level so that children can get good education with the help of teachers in a very good environment. It can prove beneficial for students when they will get education in an open environment where social distancing can also be maintained.
Conducting community classes at local level is the need of an hour and everyone’s collective effort can make it possible and its better than studying through online classes.
Just Like In Southern Kashmir’s Anantnag District, A Local Government Teacher take a initiative to teach students voluntarily in community classes. Scores of students participate d in Community classes and they welcomed this step taken by Teacher as they compared with other students who are attending Online classes at their homes. In Pulwama District Another Teacher take a initiative to give education to students in Community classes which are without Mobile connectivity and Internet facility.
The J&K should also take such initiative to give education to every student so that during this pandemic no student will remain uneducated and their academic session will not be Lost.


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