I write, I don’t have a paper: Shared Pen, a new vision in the valley

I write, I don’t have a paper: Shared Pen, a new vision in the valley

In early times, writers only had one platform to express themselves and have their works into public domain, that was the writer’s public visibility and reputation that the event organisers via publisher’s support used to promote and sell an author’s work.

The platform now isn’t what it used to be. A new definition is emerging, based on the reality that in this era, readers now no more depend on print media or the feature pages of a known magazine to find a new writer/author to read. Instead, they’re looking online and expecting to find a more direct path to a favourite or yet-to-be-discovered artist.

It’s still about discovering a new artist, having their works in public domain, but today’s approach has changed. New platforms are emerging to showcase the talent and feature artists of what “The Shared Pen” is the one to be talked on, that focuses on developing a bond between writers and their readers, with anyone controlling the flow. Now it’s anyone (who has the writing skill and some motivational ones) , not necessarily an author, who inspires readers. The Shared Pen allows not only well-established authors, but unknown, first-time beginners to do an end run around the platform they provide and reach readers or writers directly.

They today are featuring artists filled with their musings, frequently updating their posts, tweeting, and featuring home-made brief videos the artists come up with, to post on YouTube. They’re offering original content of artists in samples and chunks, with invitations for feedback, and taking every opportunity to comment and join their platform on topics that relate to one’s work.

Artists/Writers/Authors here, don’t need to be professors at Harvard to contribute useful comments and information online. Post brief sections from your book if you’re an author, quotes/one-liner taken into consideration if you’re a writer and discussion with other fellow writers and author to build your reputation and visibility. This is true whether your subject is science and technology, history and biography, food and cooking, parenting and relationships, really any subject in any genre, and whether you’re a fiction or non-fiction writer.

What makes it different from other platforms available is their rules. The basic rule of the Shared Pen is never to actually ask people to have their platform likes or comments given. Rather promote your work by making an enduring connection. Establish authentic online personalities, offer valuable information, analysis, opinion, and inspiring works.

In this way, they’re creating a platform that represents emerging talent in the valley.



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