Rana Ayoub Threatened with Rape and Death over her Posts on Kashmir

Rana Ayoub Threatened with Rape and Death over her Posts on Kashmir

Famous Indian journalist and writer Rana Ayyub who has recently been at the fore-front of helping the needy during the ongoing global pandemic, which has left a major chunk of population unattended, has shared a post on her twitter wall regarding death threats and online abuses as well as rape threats in her inbox.


Ms Rana Ayyub who is vocal about Kashmir and the avoided larger migrant labour crisis during the ongoing pandemic has alleged that she has been facing the online harassment on twitter, she also has been vocal against the current BJP Government led by Narendra Modi.

Ms Rana, a couple of days ago has shared the image of a three-year-old siting on his dead grandfather’s body hit the viral note on social media.

The killing evoked a massive debate in Kashmir and the Police was accused of violating the International Child Rights laws, Omar Abdullah had also written against the Police on his twitter.

The Journalist earlier, had tweeted, “For celebrity activists in India, Black Lives Matter, Kashmiri lives dont matter.”

Rana Ayyub recently won the ‘2020 McGill medal for journalist courage’. She is the author of the investigative book Gujarat Files: Anatomy of a Cover Up. The book is based on her undercover investigations on the post-2002 Gujarat riots and Police encounter killings.

Earlier Journalists have been attacked throughout India, amid the shrinking Freedom for Press under the present BJP Government. At least 40 Journalists have been killed and dozens booked for performing their Journalistic duties since 2014 when BJP came into power.

A Prominent Journalist from Karnataka, Gauri Lankesh was shot dead in 2017, and it later came to be known that she had been receiving a similar abuse on Social media.


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