Ignore: An Evil

Ignore: An Evil

Education is essential for every human being. acording to the 26th article of the universal declaration of human rights,every individual has the right to education . education shall be spread in such a way do that it can lead the individuals to get the developed version of their personality. As wise men say education must promote tolerance , understanding,and friendship among all the races, religious groups and nation Education is considered as the gateway to the ultimate success .the women of our country also need to be provided with all the facilities of education.
Women are the indispensable part of a society. Their education influence the coming generation. The development of future generation mainly depends upon the education of women section. So the education of women is realized to be the most essential part for the development of the society. It can help every women to educate their childrens to be good manager of the family as well as the active member of the society. The children learn their manners and behavior at home and mostly mother’s are responsible for cultivating good behavior in their children. Every educated women can run her house well and make it a chose the appropriate subject which will be useful to her throughout the life . In a democratic system the position of a women are also consious about their rights and obligations. Educations are the opinion that mother is the first educator of the child. Thus the education of women is of great importance in our nation and social life . It’s the duty of the society and the government to provide adequate facilities for the education of women because if we educated girl we educated the whole family. The women with their scientific knowledge and attitude can teach their children the art of healthy loving.
“When a girls are educated,their counties becomes stronger and more prosperous” Michelle Obama Nepoleon said that ” give me an educated mother I she’ll promise you the birth of a civilized nation” By educated women we can educate the whole nation , because a country can never rise without the contribution of 50% of it’s population.
The university education commission 1948 to 1949 observed that there cannot be educated people without educated women . Without educated women a nation cannot expect a high growth rate and solution internal problems.women and men are equally treated in eyes of the law however our cultural cenditioning is the main source of atrocities against women.
Convention prohibits all the discrimination at any level if the producers of the education the 2nd article allow the maintenance of the single sex education institute in certain circumstances. It also states that different linguistic groups and religion groups living within a single state need t be educated separately.
Usually media plays an initial role In spreading the awareness among the society in the case, this contributors of the media is the same it help a let to spread the public awareness regarding the important of education.
Media let each and every layers of the society to understand the importance of the women awareness and proficiency.
Women are deprived of the basic human right. Hence, its all about the women empowerment in the mass media.
Matma Gandhi very apathy said.
If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if educate a woman you educate an entire family.
So education is also one of the primary needs of the women toward the development and empowerment in the society
Through alternative media can act as a platform or bridge to suppress the barriers of essential communication and information.
Education is fundamental, pre-requisite of all human beings.
The women search English newspaper sites since they get usually Hindi paper at home there is a keen desire among the women to complete their basic secondary education, by open distance learning.
Problem and cases of women education in India.
The problem of the women in India is one which attracts our attention immediately, in our country, due to conservative tradition, women’s states has, though ages, been considered to be lower than that of the men. During the later part of the Vedic period the Aryan had sealed the fate of women culturally and socially by denying them the right to study.


Main Problem Facing Their Education Are:

Development of immorality
Suitable curriculum for the education of girls
Lack of social consciousness among women
Scarcity of lady teacher
Lack of proper physical facilities
Unwillingness of lady teacher to serve in rural area
Financial difficulties
Problem of transport


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