Issuing Domicile certificates to outsiders illegal, unconstitutional: Muzafar Shah

Issuing Domicile certificates to outsiders illegal, unconstitutional: Muzafar Shah

“Officials issuing these Domicile certificates have to face legal action”
Srinagar: Vice President Awami National Conference (ANC) Muzafar Shah has called the issuing of Domicile certificates to non state subjects of J&K unconstitutional and illegal.
” The scrapping of Article 370 was an unconstitutional act of BJP Government and all the acts being followed after its scrapping it are illegal and undemocratic and unilateral coercive measures by PM Modi led Government,” he told KNS.
He added that issuing domicile certificates is an “illegal” attempt by the Government of India to turn original residents of Jammu and Kashmir into minority.
“The people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh are on same page and will defend the special status of their land through all means. The people of J&K have been facing sluggish businesses and huge unemployment. Now with the issuance of Domicile certificates, Government of India is snatching livelihood of millions of people,” he told KNS.
He added that putting more burden on the resource starved state is direct assault on the people of all regions of J&K.
He retreated that Awami National Conference along with other political parties would fight the “illegal” move of GOI and would ensure revocation of scrapping of Article 370 and Article 35A of Indian Constitution.
Reacting to the reports of Senior bureaucrat gets first Domicile certificate among outside IAS officers posted in J&K.
“Chaudhary knows it well that these kinds of certificates have no value & are nothing more than pieces of paper. All such Domicile certificates will have to be surrendered sooner or later,” he said.
He also cautioned the officials issuing these “illegal & unconstitutional certificates” will have to face legal consequences in the very near future. (KNS)


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